Cost Of Exterior Painting In 2020 And 7 Reasons It Changes

These Prices Are About How Much You’ll Pay For A Good Exterior Painting In Ann Arbor
The cost of exterior painting changes for many reasons like having to go up high

The cost of exterior painting in Ann Arbor ranges from a few thousand to several thousand dollars. It depends on the differences your house has from others. These differences include size, materials, condition, and other factors.

You can learn the cost based on size and all about the other factors in the post below.

But What’s The Real Cost?

“We still haven’t found anything about what it’ll actually cost to paint our house exterior.”

Roger and Terri need to paint their exterior. What they don’t need is to have to call or contact multiple contractors who’ll all give different prices for seemingly no reason.

Searching Google for exterior painting costs

They’ve been looking for answers online but haven’t found anything that seems correct yet. The average prices for the US aren’t near the same prices they or their friends have paid.

“I’m about to give up and just start calling contractors. It might take forever but at least it’ll get done,” Roger sighs. Terri, not willing to call it quits just yet, wants to try one more article written by a contractor.

Roger agrees and they click on the link. If it’s useful they might get a quote from this contractor.

Here is what they find on the cost of exterior painting for Ann Arbor in 2020.

Cost Of Exterior Painting For Ann Arbor Homes In 2020

The cost ranges for exterior painting in Ann Arbor are:

  • A 1200 square foot ranch house is $5,000 to $7,000
  • A 2500 square foot two story home is $9,000 to $14,000
  • A 3500 square foot home is $10,000 to $16,000
  • A 4500 square foot home is $15,000 to $25,000
Painting a house exterior that is 2 stories

Roger and Terri look at each other in surprise. They weren’t expecting such straightforward answers on a contractor’s website, or anywhere in general.

These seem like the actual prices this contractor will charge them. “Wow, maybe we should call this contractor and see if his pricing on here matches what his actual ones are,” Roger says. “Maybe, but first I think we should see what causes the prices to range so far apart,” Terri responds.

“I bet we’ll find out if we scroll down further,” Roger suggests. They scroll down to find…

7 Factors Causing The Price Of Exterior Painting To Change

1. In the most general of ideas, the cost of exterior painting depends on what you want. You can get the most basic package or the luxury one and the price will change based on that.

“Well, yeah, that much is obvious, but there’s got to be more than that,” Roger says.

And there is!

2. The second most obvious factor that changes the cost of exterior painting is size. Bigger houses need more materials, manpower, and equipment. They also take more time.

3. Then you have the materials, usually the paint. You can choose more expensive, and higher quality, paint or you can choose cheaper paint.

“Yeah we’re not going to use the cheap stuff because it’ll just peel or fade faster,” Terri points out. Roger agrees and they scroll down to the other factors.

4. The type of siding also changes the cost for exterior painting. You could have fading aluminum siding or wood siding with peeling paint.

5. Speaking of peeling paint, this is the #1 factor for increasing the price for painting an exterior. This is because it’s the most labor intensive because you have to scrape it all off first.

“And our house is peeling all over the place, great,” Roger sighs heavily.

Process for repairing rotten wood in Ann Arbor can increase the cost for painting exteriors

6. If your house exterior has any damage like bad caulking, woodpecker holes, or rotten wood, that will need fixing before the painting can begin. Then it depends on if the painting contractor can fix that themself or if you need to hire someone else to do it.

7. Length of time since the last painting was done.

“Oof, it’s been a while since the last time so that’ll make the price go up,” Roger winces. “Well, it needs to be done so we have to do it,” Terri says firmly.

Exterior Home Before Painted In Ann Arbor MI

The End Result

The couple decides to get an estimate from the painting contractor on who’s site they’re reading the article. They decide to hire them and this is the end result:

You can read about this painting project and the process the actual owner and ourselves went through.