The Best Exterior House Paints For 4 Different Siding Types

These Are The Paints We Trust For Use On House Exteriors In Ann Arbor
Tribble painting team outside a finished project where they used the best exterior house paint

The best exterior house paints change based on the siding. Some of the best paints include Benjamin Moore Aura and Sherwin-Williams Duration.

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Like A Cracked Desert Scene

“It’s hard to take it seriously when you joke like that,” smiles Sarah.

Jason smiles back bashfully. “I can’t help it, they just pop out before I can stop them. Also, it wasn’t really a joke. The last painter didn’t use one of the best exterior house paints. It’s obvious with these cracks in our paint.”

Sarah sighs. “Well, I guess now’s a great time to switch to the trending exterior house colors for Ann Arbor. Guess we should start shopping for a better local painting contractor.”

“First, we need to find out which paint to use,” points out Jason. “We should make sure they’re using quality paint this time.” Sarah pulls her phone out. “Then let’s get on Google. We should be able to find an answer there.”

Here’s what the couple finds out:

The Best Paints For House Exteriors

Spray painting a houses brick exterior in Scio Township

The best paints for house exteriors include Benjamin Moore’s Aura, Regal Select, and Revive. For Sherwin-Williams, the best exterior paints are Emerald, Duration, Super, and Rejuvenate. It changes based on the type of siding you have.

It also changes depending on which side of the Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin-Williams debate you’re on.

The paints listed below are the ones we use for our clients:

1. Wood And Cement Fiberboard

After painting wood siding

Benjamin Moore’s Aura and Regal Select. You can also choose Sherwin-Williams Emerald and Duration. You can find out how we paint wood siding.

2. Aluminum Siding

Front and side of home after painting aluminum siding

Benjamin Moore Regal Select in a matte or eggshell finish. Another good choice is Sherwin Williams Super Paint. You can learn how we paint aluminum siding for our clients.

3. Vinyl Siding

House with vinyl siding

Benjamin Moore Revive or a vinyl safe Sherwin-Williams paint. You can see how we paint vinyl siding for our clients.

4. For House Exteriors With Peeling Paint

The best exterior paints change for houses that have lots of peeling paint or where peeling paint is an ongoing problem. You can use Benjamin Moore’s Aura or Regal Select. Be sure to prime with Mad Dog primer. Sherwin-Williams Rejuvenate is another fine choice.

Bonus: The Best Stain For Home Exteriors

Benjamin Moore Arborcoat solid acrylic stain and Sherwin Williams Woodscapes solid acrylic stain are the best choices. They’re both great for exterior wood that has had a solid stain or where the client wants a solid stain. This is very common for homes with cedar siding. You can learn how we maintain stains on exterior wood siding for our clients.

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“Well, let’s go get these paints,” says Jason. “Hmm, maybe we should find out a bit more about house painting before we jump into it,” suggests Sarah.