Trending Exterior House Colors For 2021 You Will Love

These Are The Colors People In Ann Arbor Are Choosing To Decorate Their Home Exteriors With
Gray house exterior after painting

Some of the trending exterior house colors for 2021 include different shades of grays and blues with white or cream trim.

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Is Something…Different?

“What do you mean?” asks Sarah.

Jason rubs his chin as he thinks. “Well, it seems like there’ve been a lot of exterior painting projects in our area. They’re not refreshing the original color, either.”

“Seems like the trending exterior house colors for 2021 are out,” says Sarah. Jason blinks in surprise. “What?” “People are painting using the exterior house color trends for this year,” she repeats.

“Looks like our home could use the same thing,” Jason points out as they pull up to their home. Sarah sighs as she nods in agreement. “Yeah, but it might not be the best time to start planning and painting.”

Jason shrugs. “Might as well start planning anyways. Or at least do some research and see what’s going on in the house painting world. Here, let’s go inside and search it up on Google.”

Here’s what the couple finds out:

Popular Colors For Home Exteriors

The trending exterior house colors for 2021 are gray, blue-gray, blue, and steely gray body colors with white or cream color trim to contrast. We are also seeing a trend toward really dark body colors.

These are just for paint colors, though. Natural finishes (also known as stains) are and will be popular for wood homes.

Popular exterior house colors like blue

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“I really like these colors! They’ll look so good on our home,” says Jason happily. Sarah laughs excitedly. “Right?! Okay, before we get too excited, let’s see what else we might need to know.”