Key Points

  • Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams offer high-quality paints, with minor differences in product lines that only professionals might notice.
  • The main distinction between the two brands lies in their ownership: Benjamin Moore stores are locally owned, while Sherwin Williams stores are corporate-owned.
  • Choosing between Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams often comes down to personal preference, project specifics, and whether supporting local businesses is a priority for the homeowner.

In the world of paint, Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams stand out as two of the leading brands, each with its own loyal following.

But which one is the right choice for your home in Novi, Michigan?

Choosing the right paint brand is crucial for ensuring the longevity and beauty of your home’s interior paint or exterior paint.

Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams brands are renowned for their quality, but they each have their unique strengths.

This post aims to provide Novi, Michigan residents with clear insights to help them make an informed decision.

So, which one should you choose for your home? Read on to find out!

Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin-Williams: Which Paint Is Best?

Benjamin Moore paint store

Sherwin Williams paint store

The best paint between Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams is…either of them!

When it comes to the paint, they both work very well.

There may be slight differences in one product vs another, but only a professional painter can tell.

The main difference is that Benjamin Moore stores are locally owned, while Sherwin-Williams stores are corporate-owned.

So if supporting locally owned businesses is important to you, you may prefer to buy Benjamin Moore paint.


Quality and Durability

What it really comes down to is quality.

You get what you pay for, and if you buy cheap interior and exterior paint, you’ll get a cheap paint job.

Buy quality paint, and you’ll get a quality look.

The real challenge is picking the best paint color.

Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams offer paints known for their quality and durability.

They have established themselves as reliable choices for both professional painters and DIY enthusiasts.

Whether your project involves interior or exterior painting, these brands promise longevity and aesthetic appeal.

Todd Tribble’s Professional Opinion

Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams

“I’ve used both brands, and they both work equally well.

It’s more about the quality of the paint than it is about the brand.

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams are the best out there, and I’d use either.

Designers may have a personal preference, though.

Benjamin Moore’s Aura and Regal Select lines both have great coverage, and I love the fact that they both touch up very easily.

Sherwin-Williams Emerald Designer Edition and Emerald paints cover great as well, and they both flow easily off your brush and roller.

Painting a house exterior during the best time for it

Both products are consistently good and come with great customer service.

Knowing the person selling me the paint will come out to the job site and help solve any problem that might arise is priceless.

Our clients ask for both and come to us with colors from both companies, so we are able to use a wide variety of paints.

Whether you decide on Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams, if you stick with the premium paints for your next project, you will be well served.”


The Cost Of Sherwin-Williams vs Benjamin Moore Paint: Price and Value

While the price of paint might initially seem daunting, it’s important to consider the long-term value.

Benjamin Moore paints typically cost around $57 per gallon, with Sherwin Williams coming in slightly lower at $53 per gallon.

Despite the upfront cost, investing in quality paint from these brands can lead to savings down the line by minimizing the need for touch-ups and ensuring a longer-lasting finish.

Rising Paint Prices

The recent increase in paint prices underscores the importance of choosing quality over cost.

High-quality paints from Benjamin Moore and Sherwin Williams can prove more economical, requiring fewer coats and offering greater durability.

Why To Not Buy Any Other Paint Brand

Painting a wall with either Benjamin Moore or Sherwin Williams

There’s a reason it’s Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams and not anything else.

Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams spend a lot of money on research and development.

They have a product for any need and project.

They’re more expensive because they are of higher quality.

Lower-quality paints need more coats and more labor.

They also don’t last as long, so you’ll need to repaint your house sooner.

A Comparison Of Benjamin Moore And Sherwin-Williams Store Locations

There are about 6,640 Benjamin Moore stores in the United States.

Sherwin-Williams, as of 2024, has 3,925 store locations in America.

The difference is that Benjamin Moore stores are locally owned while Sherwin-Williams is corporate.

This also means Benjamin Moore stores and places that carry their paints can have different products.

Benjamin Moore’s local ownership may appeal to those looking to support community businesses, while Sherwin Williams’ nationwide presence offers convenience and consistency.

Both Sherwin-Williams and Benjamin Moore have locations in Novi, MI.


Color Selection

When it comes to the number of colors for Benjamin Moore vs Sherwin Williams, there is no decisive victor.

They both carry a wide array that can please any homeowner.

Color Consultations


Benjamin Moore

A color consultation with Benjamin Moore costs $99 for 30 minutes.

This gets you a color expert, a professional rendering of what your space will look like, and up to 5 color swatches of your choice will be mailed to you. Not every location offers this service.

Benjamin Moore also offers a Virtual Color Consultation online via a 30-minute Zoom call. It costs $50 for one interior room and includes 5 color swatch samples. Alternatively, a virtual consultation for your home’s exterior costs $60 and includes 8 color swatches.



With Sherwin-Williams, you can also get a free 30-minute Virtual Color Consultation, which includes expert color recommendations, color samples, and a personalized plan.

If you’re a member of Sherwin Williams’ PaintPerks™ program, you can get an in-home consultation for $95. You’ll get the same benefits, plus a $50 gift card and a shopping list.

Color Matching and Selection Between The Two Brands

Both paint brands can match each other’s colors because they share formulas.

Both paint brands excel in color-matching technology, enabling precise matches for nearly any shade.

This is all to help homeowners create the space they want in their homes.

Paint Sheens

Both have similar paint sheens, but they may have different names.

Some product lines can even have unique sheen classifications.

Choosing A Paint Sheen

There are different types of paint sheens, with some working better for certain spaces than others.

For example, eggshell sheens are great for most rooms, while high-gloss sheens are better for cabinets and trim.

It may be best to ask one of their respective stores for advice on what paint sheen to use.



The Best Benjamin Moore Paints

Benjamin Moore’s Regal Select paint line is the best Benjamin Moore paint for a number of reasons:

  • It offers excellent coverage and a beautiful finish; it’s durable and long-lasting, easy to apply and clean up, and is available in a wide range of colors.

  • Benjamin Moore also offers a lifetime warranty on this paint.

  • Regal Select costs $66 per gallon on average, though the price can change depending on where you get it.


Ben vs Regal Select

There are a lot of paint brands on the market, but if you’re looking for quality and durability, Benjamin Moore is a wise choice.

And within the Benjamin Moore lineup, you have two great options: Ben and Regal Select.

So which one should you choose?

Ben is Benjamin Moore’s economy line of paint.

  • It offers good coverage and a decent finish, but it doesn’t have the same high-end feel as Regal Select.

  • Still a good option if you’re on a budget.

Regal Select is Benjamin Moore’s premium line of paint.

  • It goes on smoothly, has excellent coverage, and dries to a beautiful matte finish.

  • It’s more expensive than Ben, but if you’re looking for the best possible results, Regal Select is the way to go.


Advance Trim Paint

Benjamin Moore’s Advance Trim Paint is a water-based product that is specifically designed for use on trim.

  • It goes on smoothly and delivers a high-quality finish that is resistant to cracking and peeling.

  • One of the advantages of using this paint is that it is low odor, and cleanup is easy.

  • It can be brush applied, rolled, or sprayed.

However, one of the disadvantages of Advance Trim Paint is that it is more expensive than other types of paint.

It also requires two coats for proper coverage and dries slowly.

The Best Sherwin-Williams Paints

Sherwin Williams’ SuperPaint is a popular choice for painting projects thanks to its low price and wide range of colors.

  • It’s self-priming.

  • SuperPaint is durable and is highly recommended for high-sun areas.

  • It is easy to clean and DIY-friendly.

However, there are some drawbacks to using this Sherwin-Williams paint that you should be aware of before you start your next project.

SuperPaint can be thinned down with water, which can lead to paint streaks and a less-than-smooth finish.

It does not always cover dark colors well, so you may need to apply multiple coats if you are painting over a dark wall.

Should You Use Sherwin-Williams Duration Or Emerald?

These are part of Sherwin Williams’ premium paint lines.

  • Both Duration and Emerald offer incredible coverage and durability and are backed by a lifetime warranty.

  • You’ll also love the beautiful look they give homes.

But these are not DIY-friendly paints.

Both Sherwin Williams paints take skill to work with, which is why it’s best to leave it to contractors.

ProClassic Interior

Sherwin Williams’ ProClassic paint is a popular choice for interior trim.

One of the biggest drawbacks of this interior paint is that it’s not very resistant to stains or moisture.

It’s also pretty costly, ranging from $40 to $90 per gallon.


Which To Use As a Pro vs a DIY Homeowner

Painting an interior wall with a roller

As a pro, the best paint brand:

  • Is consistent in how it flows off my brush and roller

  • Has a color tinting system that offers great coverage as well as consistent color from gallon to gallon

  • Is one where I can count on the support and knowledge of the people selling me the paint

As a DIY homeowner, the best paint brand:

  • Is self-priming

  • Covers great

  • Isn’t too pricey

Buy the brand that has the product that best fits your project and budget.

But, it’s better to save up and get better paint than to paint with low-quality paint.

Nobody wants to regret the money and time they spend.

Which Is Really The Better Paint: Benjamin Moore Or Sherwin Williams?

When it comes to Benjamin Moore paint vs Sherwin-Williams paint, neither is really better than the other.

You can use either of them as the best paint for different siding types.

Both Benjamin Moore and Sherwin-Williams provide great services and high-quality interior and exterior paints.

Remember, the best paint for your project will depend on various factors, including the surface you’re painting, the climate in Novi, Michigan, and your specific aesthetic and functional needs.

Whether you decide on Benjamin Moore or Sherwin-Williams, prioritizing quality will ensure a beautiful and lasting finish.

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