10 Painter’s Tape Tips And Tricks To Help You Get The Best Paint Job

Use These Helpful Tips And Tricks While Painting Your Home In Ann Arbor

Painter’s tape tips and tricks include using different tapes for inside and outside and using the tape and drape product for an easier time. 

Find more tips and tricks below-

There’s More To It

“More than we first thought? How?” asks Jason.

Sarah sighs and shrugs. “You never know with home projects. There’s almost always something we miss or needs more explanation.” Jason rolls his eyes. “It’s painting a wall, I’m sure we’ll be fine. Let’s start.”

Jason starts rustling around while Sarah folds her arms and waits. He gets all set up and is about to start when he suddenly stops.

“How do we keep paint from getting on the doors and baseboards?” he asks. “Well, we need to use painter’s tape and plastic,” answers Sarah.

Jason smiles through his embarrassment. “How do we use it? I feel like tape and walls don’t really work well together.” Sarah pulls up a page on her phone. “Here, let’s look up painter’s tape tips and painter’s tape tricks on Google. I’m sure we can find some answers there, like when we were looking up how to paint a house. ”

Here’s what the couple ends up learning:

Tape and drape protecting a front door

10 Painter’s Tape Tips And Tricks

  • Use tape and drape for doors and windows
  • Painter’s tape comes in different colors for its different uses
  • To protect baseboards, peel off the tape and stick it to the top edge of the baseboard
  • Run a spackle knife across the tape on the top of the baseboard for a good seal
  • Don’t let painter’s tape sit on your wall for more than a couple of hours after finishing
  • Peel painter’s tape off as slowly and fluidly as you can
  • You can use painter’s tape to create lines and designs on walls
  • Green painter’s tape makes sure no paint bleeds under the tape
  • Yellow painter’s tape is great for delicate areas like freshly painted surfaces, wallpaper, or polyurethaned floors
  • Orange painter’s tape is ideal for rough surfaces
How to use painters tape successfully like here

Tape and drape is a product that has tape along the top edge of a folded plastic sheet. Tape it over a door, window, etc, cut it off the roll, unfold it, and tape the other sides down.

Blue painter’s tape is mainly for interiors. Green painter’s tape is mainly for exteriors. There are different types of painter’s tape and ways to use them.

Removing painters tape and plastic from a house exterior

If the seal isn’t tight the paint can get under the tape and ruin the paint job on the baseboard or other trim. Sealing it well will help you have less work to do in the end.

Not removing painter’s tape within a couple of hours is bad news for you. The paint gets under the tape and dries, creating a sandwich with paint on top and underneath. It’s difficult to remove and creates way more work.

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“At least we have the right type of painter’s tape for the job,” sighs Jason in relief. Sarah nods. “Yup, but that’s not all. There’s more to learn about interior house painting, and we need to learn it.”

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