White Kitchen Cabinets: What’s the Right Choice for Your Home?

2022-07-28T17:46:02+00:00June 16th, 2022|

If you’re considering inventing or recreating your dream kitchen, you may think you need to go above and beyond with precious stone countertops, elegant backsplashes, and unique color schemes sure to wow your guests. However, the sleek look of white kitchen cabinets has ever been for contemporary-style minimalists alone. Whether you’re leaning more toward

Painting Crown Molding And Walls For An Unbelievable Change

2022-07-31T20:06:12+00:00January 27th, 2020|

You Can Transform Your Ann Arbor Kitchen And Love It Again Without Breaking The Bank You can see the transformation this home in Plymouth, Michigan goes through as a client hires us to paint crown molding and walls in their home. The new colors are amazing and give the house a modern charm.

Painting A House Exterior A Beautiful New Blue And Staining A Deck

2022-07-31T20:14:54+00:00August 19th, 2019|

A Client In Dexter, Michigan Hired Us To Fix The Failing Paint On Her House Exterior By Painting It An Amazing New Color Sometimes it’s a good thing when the paint on your house fails. You can use the chance to change the look of your home like our client here did! In

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