How To Prep Your House Interior And Exterior For Painting

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Find Out How To Get The Best House Painting Experience For Your Ann Arbor Home Whether you’re DIYing it or hiring professional house painters, learning how to prep your house for painting can make a huge difference in how it turns out. Find the steps and their importance below- How To Prep For House

The Best Exterior House Paints For 4 Different Siding Types

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These Are The Paints We Trust For Use On House Exteriors In Ann Arbor The best exterior house paints change based on the siding. Some of the best paints include Benjamin Moore Aura and Sherwin-Williams Duration. Find out more below- Paint can make or break the exterior of

Exterior Makeover: The Best Paint Colors For Selling A House

2022-07-28T17:55:09+00:00April 29th, 2022|

Choosing the best paint colors for selling a house might feel overwhelming. Understandably, your exterior paint color is not one you will need or want to change frequently. However, once you decide on the color, your home will likely sport the hue for quite some time. Plus, with the added intention of selling your

What 7 Real Exterior Painting Benefits Make It Worth The Cost?

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These Are The Benefits People Get When They Freshen Up The Paint On Their Home Exterior Painting a home exterior does more than make the outside of a house look different. It has several benefits you’ll want for yourself. In this post, you can discover the exterior painting benefits that make the project worth

You’ll Love The Images Of Painted Home Exteriors Done By Us

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These Are The Colors And Styles Our Clients Around Ann Arbor Ask Us To Paint Onto Their Home Exteriors Top row before, bottom row after It’s always smart to see the projects a home improvement contractor has done. Then you can see if they can do what you want

A Historic Home Goes From Peeling Gray To Beautiful Blue

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A Client In Ann Arbor Hires Us To Paint An Old House Exterior A Beautiful New Color It may not be the same historic house paint, but our client loves the new look of their older home. You just might too after seeing how it turns out! In this post, you can see our

What Are Carpenter Bees, How To Get Rid Of Them, And More

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This Is The Information We Want All Of Ann Arbor Clients With Wood Siding To Know It’s a fantastic idea to find out what those things buzzing around your house are before getting close.  In this post, you can discover what carpenter bees are and how they differ from other bees. You can also

How Often We Recommend Painting Different Areas Of Your House

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This Is The Schedule People In Ann Arbor Follow To Keep Their Homes Fresh And Beautiful Your house is your biggest investment, so it makes sense that you want to keep it looking amazing! In this post, you can find out how long it usually takes for an area of the home

What Is T1-11 Siding And How To Paint It With The Best Paint For It

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This Is How We Paint T1-11 Siding For Our Clients In And Around Ann Arbor T1-11 siding is wood or wood-based siding for your home. You should paint T1-11 siding with a high-quality acrylic exterior paint. Find out more below- But Our Siding Is

Exterior House Colors People In Ann Arbor Love To Use For Their Homes

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People In Ann Arbor Are Choosing These Beautiful And Modern Colors For Their Home Exteriors We think it’s a smart move to see what people in your community are doing with their home exteriors before you make a decision. This is especially true if your neighborhood has an HOA. In this post, you

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