5 Of The Best Steps To Fixing Paint Chips On Walls

These Are The Steps Every Painter In Ann Arbor & Canton Should Follow For Wall Paint Chip Repair

Fixing paint chips on walls involves scraping off any loose paint, sanding any rough or raised edges flat, spackle, primer, and paint.

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A Bag Of Chips?

“There are more chips in our walls than in a bag of Lay’s™!” complains Jason.

Sarah snorts a laugh. “That’s not very many,” she jokes. “It’s not funny! We just got done learning how to fix stress cracks in drywall,” grumbles Jason. “No, but that wordplay is,” laughs Sarah.

Jason frowns through his smile. “We need to learn how to fix paint chips on walls. No sense in paying a contractor for wall paint chip repair when we can do it ourselves.”

“Wait, can we?” asks Sarah. Jason nods firmly. “I’m pretty sure we can manage it. Well, as long as we have everything we need. And the right steps…let’s see what we can find out about this on Google.”

Here’s what the couple finds:

How To Fix Paint Chips On Walls

You’ll want to start by knowing how to prepare the area for painting. It can be a dirty job and this will protect your home and make cleanup easier.

Man painting a wall with a brush

  1. Scrape off any loose paint
  2. Sand any rough or raised edges flat and dust
  3. Apply a lightweight spackle with an appropriate size drywall taping knife*
  4. Once the spackle is dry and no additional coats are needed**, sand flat and dust
  5. Apply one coat of the appropriate primer and paint

*These come in 1 to 24-inch sizes

**Use 2 coats if you need to for deep repairs, but don’t try to completely fill the repair on the first try. Wait for the first coat to dry and see if you need another coat.

The Details On Wall Paint Chip Repair

Loose paint and anything left from sanding need cleaning before you move on. Either of these can get between the paint and the wall. This means your paint won’t last as long, and you’ll be painting again sooner.

You’ll want to use the proper wall painting technique. This can help blend it in, so you’ll only be able to see the touch-up if you know where to look.

You May Also Like To Know

“See, all we need is spackling and the knife, and we’re good to go,” says Jason happily. Sarah nods absently. “While you get those, I’m going to see what else I can find out on this blog.”

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