Repainting Walls And More For The 1st Floor In An Ann Arbor Home

Repairing And Updating The First Floor Walls And Ceilings In Scio Township, Ann Arbor

You can see the steps Larry and ourselves went through to repair and repaint the first floor in his home in the Scio Township area of Ann Arbor. He had us repair nail pops, stress cracks, and a water damaged ceiling before painting his walls and stairwell newer, more modern colors. 

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While We’re At It…

“You’re right, while we’re repairing it we might as well update the colors.”

Larry’s agreeing with his wife that their first floor walls and ceilings need repainting on top of repairs. The nail pops, stress cracks, and water damage are starting to become way too visible.

As they’re driving home they happen to see a painter’s van pull up next to them. It’s for Tribble Painting, a painting company they’ve also gotten postcards from.

“If that’s not a sign then I don’t know what is,” Larry says as his wife snaps a picture of the contact info on the van’s side.

They get home and decide to check out Tribble Painting. The couple really likes what they see, especially the process because it seems very trustworthy. They decide to contact Tribble Painting.

Hiring Tribble Painting

“Hi, this is Ashley with Tribble Painting, how may I help you?”

Ashley with Tribble Painting discussing repainting walls and repairing them

Larry and his wife look at each other in surprise as a pleasant voice comes through the phone. A contracting company answering quickly hasn’t been common for them.

Ashley talks about Larry’s project with him, each asking and answering questions about it. Once they are on the same page about it, Larry asks about getting an estimate on the schedule. She tells him Todd Tribble will be doing the estimate.

They thank her and hang up, waiting for the scheduled day and time for Todd to come.

The Estimate

“He should be here any minute now.”

As soon as the last word leaves Larry’s lips the doorbell rings. He opens it to find Todd Tribble standing there, right on time. They talk for a few minutes before looking at the area Larry wants taken care of. Todd looks it over, asking a few questions to make sure he fully understands Larry’s needs. Larry and his wife already have colors in mind too.

Todd Tribble of Tribble Painting

Once he does, Todd offers them a written estimate on the spot. Larry and his wife want some time to think about it. Todd thanks the couple for their time and heads out. The couple looks at each other and starts talking about the estimate.

Jeanette with Tribble Painting getting clients on the schedule to repaint their walls

A few days later, they call Tribble Painting about getting on the schedule for repairing and repainting walls in their first floor. They talk to Jeannette, the office administrator, who helps get them on the schedule for some time in November. It’s July now, which gives them plenty of prep time.

As the day draws closer, the couple gets an email from Tribble with their start day and some info about their project manager. They like that they know who’s coming to work on their house.

Now, they wait…

Repairing And Repainting Walls In Larry’s Home

The Tribble team, headed by Aaron, arrives right on time.

As they start unloading, Aaron goes up to Larry and they go on a pre-job walkthrough. This is so Aaron knows what Larry’s expectations are for the project and can do exactly what he wants. After they’re on the same page Aaron and his team get to painting.

Process For Repainting Walls

Day 1: move furniture, cover it with plastic, put down drop cloths, start repairs

Day 2: sand patches and paint ceiling

Day 3: start painting walls with Sherwin Williams Emerald

Day 4: finish painting walls, clean up, and final walkthrough

Repainting walls in the first floor on this Ann Arbor home

The final results are:

Aaron and Larry go on a final walkthrough of the newly painted walls to make sure everything meets Larry’s standards.

After a few touchups are made, Larry thanks Aaron and his team for being so polite and hands them the final check. Aaron thanks him and heads out with his team.

What Does Larry And His Family Think?

They think the area feels much lighter with the new colors they chose. The job was well done and the entire team from scheduling with Ashley to the painting team of Aaron, Tyler, and Mac were polite and easy to work with. Overall, it was a great experience repainting their walls.

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