Repainting A House Exterior In Saline, Michigan

Jim and Betty need to repaint their peeling house exterior. Their T111 siding is finally peeling, but there’s a problem. Keep reading to find out what it is and how they manage to finally solve it.

“This is what happens when you base purchasing decisions on price,” Jim thinks to himself.

It’s the winter of 2018 and Jim is by himself. He isn’t supposed to be. The painting contractor they hired should have been here by now.

There’s been no phone call or email about this absence. Looks like the other guy’s going to get the job after all. He better show up on time at least, given that he charges more. “Guess I’d better give them a call.”

But the first phone call Jim makes is to his wife Betty. He isn’t about to make a one-sided decision for a project as big as repainting their peeling house exterior. 

They decide to call Tribble Painting about their project again.

Hiring Tribble Painting

Tribble Painting’s customer process is quicker this time.

Jim and Betty have already met with an estimator from Tribble Painting. They know what they can do and for how much.

The couple is ready for a quality contractor experience.

“It’s a good experience,” Jim reflects as the phone rings. Ashley, the administrative assistant, is great at answering questions and scheduling estimates. Nick, the estimator, is a good guy who knows what he’s doing.

The phone stops ringing as Ashley answers the phone. She and Jim talk about their project again and schedule everything out for the 2019 exterior painting season.

Now they just need to wait.

Painting The Peeling Exterior

As the time draws near, Jim and Betty receive email updates from Tribble Painting.

They already have an email with their start week. As it gets closer, they get an email with the actual start date and a little bio about their project manager.

Then the day arrives.

Their project manager and his crew arrive right on schedule. He covers the entire scope of the project with them one more time and answers any of their questions. After they do one last walkthrough the painting begins.

Jim hears the powerwasher first and then some scraping. They need to remove any peeling paint and clean the surface so the paint sticks better.

Then they prime the wood to make sure the paint bonds tightly and won’t peel easily. They caulk any holes or gaps too. Finally, two coats of a solid acrylic stain finish the job. Well, the actual last steps are cleaning up and a post-job walkthrough.

After The Painting Finishes

Jim and Betty love the new look of their home.

They feel safe knowing their paint won’t peel again for a long time.

Jim reaches for his pocket during the last walkthrough. “One second please, I’m getting a phone call. Hello?” Betty and their project manager continue to chat as he paces away. 

As Jim hangs up the phone, Betty asks “What was that all about dear?” He rejoins their little group. “It’s funny,” Jim chuckles, “that was the last contractor we hired before you. Said he was ready to come paint our house. I told him not to bother, we have Tribble Painting already on it.”

All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.