Painting Wood Siding Project In Dexter, Michigan

Erika’s wood siding on her new-to-her home needs painting. Badly:

Before painting exterior siding with fading and uneven paint

The wood siding was once beautiful, but now it’s age is showing. The paint is dry and uneven. It’s once dark luster is leaching out into a pale wooden color. She can also see the caulk peeling from between the panels.

Erika worries that she may need to replace the siding if something isn’t done. The wood is starting to become dry and brittle. She isn’t sure how much longer it can hold up.

Erika knows she needs to have someone paint her wood siding (preferably in 7 steps).

One side before painting erikas home

She knows about a painting contractor through her daughter’s school. One of her schoolmates’ father owns Tribble Painting. She’s also seen a few postcards with their work on them.

She decides to contact them and see if they can offer a solution. She calls the office number. The phone rings until a pleasant voice answers. On the other end is Ashley, the administrative assistant for Tribble.

Ashley and Erika begin discussing the project details. Erika asks all the questions she has and Ashley answers them.

It ends with Erika scheduling an appointment for an estimation.

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The Estimation Process

Erika checks the time on her phone. Nick, Tribble’s estimator, should arrive soon.

If he is like other contracting companies she could be waiting for a lot longer than the agreed upon time. She is curious to see if Tribble will be like other contractors or not.

Amazingly, he pulls up to her house right on time.

They discuss her project in detail from materials to color. Erika thinks the quote he gives her is accurate and reasonable.

She accepts the quote and they work out the terms of the agreement. She writes out a deposit check and now she is on her way to having her wood siding painted.

Soon after, she receives an email from the Tribble team.

It contains the dates of the week the project is to start. As the project moves closer, she receives yet another email from the Tribble team. This one includes her exact start date. It also has who her project manager will be.

His name is Rob. But before we get to the painting part, there is one small problem: which type of paint Erika wants to use.

Choosing The Best Paint For Her Wood Siding

Erika isn’t sure if she wants an acrylic semi-transparent or an oil semi-transparent.

Jeanette, the office manager, helps her with her choices. Each comes with their pros and cons but Erika can only use one for her wood siding painting project.

Oil is harder to maintain and more expensive but it looks amazing. Acrylic is cheaper but works better and smells less.

She needs to see them in action.

Tribble Painting shows her samples of each. Erika decides to go with the oil semi-transparent stain because it looks better than the acrylic.

Now, let the wood siding painting project begin!

Painting Wood Siding On Erika’s Home

Still more amazingly, Rob and his painting crew show up right on the agreed upon time.

Rob tells Erika what their plan is and how long it will take. He answers her questions and accommodates any requests she has.

Then they begin the painting.

During the painting wood siding project

Their first step in painting her wooden siding is to thoroughly wash it with a mild bleach and water solution to clean and kill any mildew. They then apply caulk to keep moisture and bugs out and to fill woodpecker and carpenter bee holes. They mask off areas Erika doesn’t want to paint. They paint it, take off the masking tape, and clean up.

The only thing Tribble’s painting crew leaves behind is a beautiful paint job and a happy family.

How Does Erika Feel About Her New Look?

Erika and her family love the new look of their home.

It gives them peace of mind. They don’t have to worry about the wood warping or becoming dry and brittle. No more wondering about possibly replacing the siding. They also don’t worry about how other people will judge their home because it looks so good.

All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.