Painting Wood Exterior: Transforming Jan’s New Wood Carport

You can see how we paint this wood exterior carport for Jan, one of our clients living on the west side of Ann Arbor. It’s brand new, which is great! Except for the fact that the raw wood looks like, well, raw wood. Some of the painted white wood beams that are already there are peeling too.

You can go with Jan on her journey to getting her new carport to match the rest of her home.

Carport Painting

“It’s finished, but not finished at the same time,” Jan riddles with a frown.

Her new carport is here to stay, but it doesn’t look like it yet. The raw wood look went out of fashion hundreds of years ago and it doesn’t look to be making a comeback anytime soon:

“It needs to match the rest of the house,” Jan thinks. “Plus, the peeling paint looks dreadful. I can’t let it stay like this, it’s causing me anxiety just thinking about it. Well, since it’s new it should be professionally painted so it keeps looking new and amazing. Time to find someone who can do it.”

She glides inside to her computer. “Time to get on Angie’s List and see who around here can paint wood exteriors well.”

Finding The Right Painting Contractor

Jan gets on her computer and goes to the Google Search page.

She searches for exterior painters in Ann Arbor and clicks on the Angie’s List link.

“Oh wow, an A rating with 109 reviews sounds pretty amazing. Tribble Painting? Let’s see what the reviews have to say…”

Exterior painters in Ann Arbor

After reading the reviews, Jan decides to contact Tribble Painting and see if they can help create her ideal look for her carport.

She opens her email, crafts a message, and sends it to the Tribble Team…

A short while later she gets a response asking when she will be available for a phone call to discuss her project. Jan feels pleasantly surprised at this quick response time. It’s unusual for contractors to be so quick.

Ashley from Tribble Painting

She emails them back and ends up on the phone with Ashley, the administrative assistant. They talk about the project and Ashley answers all of Jan’s questions and concerns.

Jan loves the process so far (and Ashley) and decides to schedule an estimate. “That’s perfect Jan. Nick, our estimator, will meet you at your home at the agreed upon time. Have a wonderful day!” They hang up the phone and Jan waits for the day of the estimate.

The Estimate

“DING-dong,” goes the doorbell.

Jan walks over to it and opens the door. Awaiting her is Nick, and he is right on time. After a few minutes of small talk they get down to business. Nick talks to Jan (and himself) as he examines the carport.

Once he finishes, he gives her the estimate. She asks him some more questions before telling him she wants to think about it. Nick thanks her and heads out.

A while later…

Jan decides to hire Tribble Painting to paint her wood exterior carport! She reaches out to them again to let them know. They come by to pick up the deposit and put her on the schedule. She first gets an email letting her know the start week.

Time passes, and as the start week gets closer Jan gets another email with the exact dates and information on the project manager. She gets a picture and a short biography.

Then, the day arrives!

Painting Jan’s Wood Exterior Carport

Just like Nick, the 4-man Tribble team arrives right on time (which pleasantly impresses Jan).

A man whom she recognizes as the project manager approaches her. After introductions and pleasantries, he covers the scope of the job and answers any of her questions. He even gives her his personal phone number!

Afterward, the team gets to painting:

Their 3-day process goes like this:

  1. Cleaning the areas to be painted with a power washer
  2. Laying down drop cloths and covering the areas not to be painted
  3. Scraping the peeling paint off
  4. Priming the bare wood
  5. Spraying the main body of the carport
  6. Hand painting the carport trim
  7. Cleaning up their materials and area

The result is a complete transformation that leaves the carport looking like it belongs with the house. No more raw wood or peeling paint for Jan to feel anxious about:

Jan walks outside and breaks into a wide smile.

She loves the look the Tribble painting team has given to her new wooden carport. It matches the rest of the house, it’s no longer peeling, and she is assured it will last a good while and look great doing so.

According to Jan, the Tribble team has done it again:

Tribble team after paint wood exterior carport in Ann Arbor

How’s Your Home Exterior?

Jan needed her home exterior painted, and not just because of the new carport. The paint was peeling in a few areas too. When was the last time you checked the state of your home exterior? It might need painting too…

You can learn about our exterior painting services >>

All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional. 

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