Painting Garage Doors A New Color In Scio Township

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New Color For Garage Doors To Make Them Stand Out

Painting your garage doors are a fantastic way to protect them and make them pop. Jim is about to find this out for himself. It all starts with him needing to find someone to repair holes some wily woodpeckers are drilling into his home (he must have some amazing birdseed!)

Let’s see how his project turns out.

Jim's house

“Blasted woodpeckers, drilling into my home all day,” Jim grumbles.

He has just found a new hole in his house, also known as the hole that broke the camel’s back. He has to go to work, so he’ll need to wait to deal with this until later.

Jim goes into his garage, backs his car out, and heads to work.

Before painting garage doors

While there, he’s talking about his woodpecker problem with some of his co-workers. One of them may have a solution for him: Tribble Painting. “They just sound like a painting company, not really a repair one,” says Jim, “Might as well get them to paint my garage doors.”

“Trust me,” his coworker replies assuringly, “they know what they’re doing. They’ve done painting and carpentry services for me in the past.”

Jim thinks about it for the rest of the day, then goes home to talk to his wife about it. “Well we need to do something,” she says in exasperation. “We might as well call them to see what they can do. They can at least start painting the garage doors if you trust your coworker’s recommendation enough.”

In this video, Aaron explains his process for painting garage doors:

“Let’s sleep on it and see how we feel in the morning,” Jim wisely says. They crawl into bed, each thinking about how they’re going to fix this problem.

The next morning…

“Let’s call Tribble,” the couple says in unison. They share a smile and a laugh before Jim fishes out his phone. He goes onto Tribble’s website and calls the number at the top of the page.

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Scheduling An Estimate

“Hello, this is Ashley with Tribble Painting! How may I help you today,” answers a cheerful voice.

Jim explains the situation to Ashley. She asks him a few questions to clear up a few parts for her so she has a good grasp of the situation.

Ashley also answers all of Jim’s questions, including when they can get an estimate on their project. “Alrighty,” Ashley begins, “now we have you on the schedule so Nick, one of our estimators, can come to see you. Are there any other questions or concerns I can help you with?”

Ashley with Tribble Painting discussing painting garage doors

“No, I think we’ve pretty much covered it,” replies Jim. They say their goodbyes and hang up. “Looks like we’ve got an estimate coming up,” he tells his wife, “just have to wait a few days.”

A few days later…

Will Jim Approve Of The Estimate?


Nick with Tribble Painting here to give an estimate

Jim answers the door to see a man in a Tribble Painting shirt. “Hi, Jim, right? I’m Nick, the estimator for Tribble Painting. Is now still a good time to do the estimate?”

Jim’s eyebrows rise in surprise, “Wow, you’re on time?! Sorry, it’s just rare to have someone in your field show up on time. But, yes, yes now’s still a good time for the estimate. I’ll show you around.”

They walk around with Nick looking at everything Jim asked Ashley about. He asks some questions, answers a few of Jim’s, and finally gives Jim the price estimate. “That much, huh,” Jim responds.

“I’ll need to talk to the wife first, but I’m pretty sure it’ll be fine. Mind waiting around a few minutes to see if we can work it out?”

While Nick waits, Jim and his wife talk about what they’re going to do.

Finally, Jim comes to Nick with a decision. “The price sounds good to us, so what’re our next steps?”

“I’m glad to hear that” Nick replies with a smile. “You can call the main office and talk to Jeanette, our office manager. She’ll set you up with a schedule and a painting team.” Jim thanks him and Nick goes on to his next job.

Jim calls back the office and talks to Jeanette.

Jeanette with Tribble Painting scheduling a project

“Oh, yes, we’d love to get you on the schedule!” Jim can practically feel her smile coming through the phone. “Is everyone at Tribble Painting always this nice?” he thinks with a smile of his own.

Together, they figure out an ideal time for a Tribble Painting team to carry out Jim’s plans to paint his garage doors. “Now that we have you down,” Jeanette says, “you’ll get a follow-up email with your start week and then another one with the actual start day and some information about your project manager.”

“Sounds good to me, I’ll see you then,” says Jim before hanging up the phone. “I like that they tell you about your project manager,” his wife remarks. “Yeah, then at least we know who’s going to show up at our house,” he replies back.

Finally, the day of the project arrives…

Painting Jim’s Garage Doors

“Hi, Jim, right? My name is Aaron and I’ll be managing your project.”

Aaron G as the project manager for painting garage doors in Scio Township

“Wow, you guys at Tribble are right on time again,” Jim says in surprise. “It’s part of our job,” Aaron replies. “And if we aren’t going to be we call ahead and let you know where we are. Speaking of which, here is my personal cell number in case you need to reach me at any time.”

Jim takes down his number, feeling his surprise rising as he does. “This is the first time I’ve gotten a personal number from a contractor. These guys must be serious about their customer experience,” he thinks.

“Do you want to go on a pre-job walk through to make sure we’re still on the same page about painting the garage doors and fixing the woodpecker holes?” asks Aaron.

“Uh, yeah, sure, let’s do it.”

Jim and Aaron walk around the house, asking and answering questions about what is going to happen. Once everything is confirmed they part ways, Jim to his job and Aaron to his:

Aaron and his team start by power washing the house clean so the paint will stick to the garage. They scrape off any loose paint, prime the bare wood, caulk it, replace the boards damaged by those wily woodpeckers, and then paint the garage doors.

The process does take a couple of days, we’ve just fast-forwarded it for time’s sake.

A Job Well Done

Jim arrives home to see his newly painted garage doors practically popping out of his home. And he loves them. “Wow, Aaron, you and your team have done some great work. The woodpecker holes are all gone too! I’m glad I listened to my co-worker’s referral.”

“We are too! I’m just glad we could help solve your problem and create your ideal garage doors,” Aaron replies with a smile. The men shake hands and Aaron and his team goes on to their next job, leaving Jim and his wife to admire their “new” garage doors.

While the client, project, and processes are real, the conversations here are made up for storytelling purposes.