Painting A Living Room New Colors And Fixing The Ceiling

Change Up The Colors In Your Ann Arbor Home For A Look You’ll Wish You Had Sooner

Paul and his family are ready to change up the color scheme by painting their living room and more. Over the course of 3 days, we prepped their living room and kitchen, repaired holes in their ceiling left by a lighting contractor, painted the trim in the kitchen, repainted the entire living room, and cleaned up.

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It’s Time To Call Them Again

“Well, at least we know who to call for our painting a living room project.”

Paul’s living room doesn’t match their style anymore. It’s served them well over the past few years but now it’s time for something different. Not only that but they also need someone who can repair the holes in their ceiling left by the lighting installation guy.

Holes in the ceiling left by lighting installation guy

Paul pulls out his phone to contact Tribble Painting. They’ve painted their interior and exterior as well as repaired and replaced damaged exterior boards: Tribble Painting.

Hiring Tribble For Painting A Living Room

The administrative assistant, Ashley, answers the phone with a cheery “Hi, thank you for calling Tribble Painting, how may I help you?”

Paul says who he is and he and Ashley chat for a bit before going into business mode (they’ve talked several times due to their past project partnerships).

Ashley with Tribble Painting talking about painting a living room

Now they go through the same hiring steps Paul’s been through the past few times.

They talk about what Paul wants from Tribble. Ashley asks him a few questions to make sure she understands his expectations and what he wants. Paul and his wife talk about the colors they’ve picked out. They then schedule an estimate so Paul can know about how much the project will cost.

The Estimate


Todd Tribble of Tribble Painting giving an estimate on painting a living room

Paul opens the door to find Todd Tribble standing outside, right on time for the estimate. They give a friendly handshake and talk for a bit before starting the estimate.

They go through the site with each asking and answering the other’s questions. In the end, Todd gives his estimated price for painting a living room and Paul accepts. Paul signs the contract and mails it with a 10% deposit check to Tribble Painting.

Afterward, Paul gets an email from Jeanette, the office administrator for Tribble Painting. It has the week his project will start and some other basic information.

As the date gets closer he gets another email with the actual start day and some information about Aaron N, his project manager.

Jeanette is the office administrator for Tribble Painting

Now he just has to wait for the day to arrive.

Painting A Living Room To Make Paul’s Family Happy

Aaron and his team (Tyler and Adrian) arrive right on time, just like they always do.

Aaron N with Tribble Painting getting ready to paint a living room in Ann Arbor

Aaron and Paul talk for a bit before they go on a pre-job walk through to make sure Aaron knows Paul’s expectations for the project.

After that, they begin.

Day 1: preparing and painting the trim with Benjamin Moore Advance satin as well as patching the holes in the ceiling.

Aaron thought of a better way to fix the ceiling holes than cutting out a larger hole back to the floor joists. He used Sheetrock Repair Clips and the drywall plugs that had been cut out to secure the drywall to the joists. It looked better and saved time.

Theeennnn what eventually becomes 9-inches of snow starts to fall. Aaron decides to send everyone home early for safety reasons. Aaron’s van actually got stuck and had to be towed.

Day 2: sanding the patches so they will be flat and smooth so we can paint the ceiling with Benjamin Moore flat acrylic paint

After repairing the holes we start painting the ceiling

Day 3: painting the walls with 2 coats of Benjamin Moore Regal Select eggshell in the color Paul and his wife chose

Beginning to paint the living room

After Aaron and his team finish the project, he and Paul do a post-job walk through to make sure everything is up to Paul’s standards. It is and Paul gives him the final deposit check.

How Does Paul’s Family Feel Now?

They LOVE the colors, especially the accent wall, and the patching job looks amazing.

Paul actually calls Todd to come and see the final product and to bring his camera. The room looks and feels brand new, plus they get to redecorate! Overall, the entire family is glad they chose to use Tribble’s interior painting services.

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