Painting A House Exterior In Dexter, MI An Exciting New Color

Today, we’re painting a house exterior in Dexter, Michigan. Melinda’s house paint is fading with loose caulk and bare wood on the trim boards. You can follow her journey as she tries to find her ideal painting contractor to take care of her home.

Melinda can feel the frown on her usually smiling face.

The frown is part irritation and part concern. After weighing on her mind for so long, it’s finally reaching the point where it’s noticeable: her house needs repainting.

Standing on their deck she can see the paint fading away beneath the dirt. It’s not the color it used to be. Getting closer, she can see that the trim has loose caulk and some bare wood showing. Not only that but the deck she is standing on is also showing signs of wear-and-tear.

If she can see it then at some point guests will too. There’s no way she’s going to allow that to happen.

Melinda huffs and strides inside. She is going to protect their investment and change the color while she’s at it. It’s about time anyway.

But first, she’s going to search Google for exterior painters in Ann Arbor.

That’s when she finds Tribble Painting.

Hiring Her Ideal Painting Contractor

Melinda makes the call to Tribble Painting.

A cheerful voice breaks the cycle of ringing with “This is Ashley with Tribble Painting, thank you for calling! May I ask who I am speaking with?”

Melinda blinks in surprise that someone actually answered the phone.

“Hi, yes, this is Melinda. I’m hoping you can help solve my problem. My house paint is fading and needs repainting. Can you help?”

Ashley from tribble painting

Ashley says she is more than happy too. After having her questions answered and concerns addressed, Melinda decides to schedule an estimate.

The day of the estimate.

Melinda hears the car pull up in the driveway. Nick, the estimator, steps out of the car and heads up to the door. After meeting her husband, Nick does a thorough review of their home’s exterior. Upon finishing, he reviews his findings with the couple. It turns out their house needs repainting, touching up around the trim, and the deck needs a new stain and sealing.

Melinda and her husband talk over their options and decide to go with Tribble Painting.

They get an email with their start week a short while later. As the week gets closer, they get another email with their start date and project manager. It comes with a picture and short bio.

Then the day arrives.

Painting The House Exterior

The painting team arrives on site:

Tribbles crew for painting a house exterior in dexter michigan

Melinda goes on a pre-project walkthrough with her project manager. He answers her questions and even gives her his cellular number so she can call him if she needs to.

Now the painting begins:

Here is the process the Tribble Painting team did to paint Melinda’s house exterior:

  1. Wash the house
  2. Caulk the trim boards and the siding
  3. Scrape the deck floor to remove loose stain
  4. Paint the house with the new color scheme
  5. Stain the deck

But then, before finishing the deck, one of the worst things that can happen during an exterior painting happens: rain.

Melinda watches the drops fall from the sky, waiting for it to end. Once everything dries, Tribble can come back and stain the deck. Then her home’s exterior will be complete and she won’t have to worry about it anymore.

The rain lets up, the land dries, and Tribble finishes the stain:

Melinda loves the new look. It’s a beautiful blue and the gray stain on the deck matches wonderfully. She knows her home is now protected and will look amazing for a long time.

How’s Your Home Exterior?

Hopefully your house exterior looks better than Melinda’s did. If it doesn’t you might want to consider painting it before it gets any worse. We would love to help you, or at least point you to someone who can.

You can contact us about your project >>

All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.