Painting A House Exterior A Beautiful New Blue And Staining A Deck

A Client In Dexter, Michigan Hired Us To Fix The Failing Paint On Her House Exterior By Painting It An Amazing New Color

Sometimes it’s a good thing when the paint on your house fails. You can use the chance to change the look of your home like our client here did!

In this post, you can find out what Tribble Painting’s painting process is like in Dexter, MI. You can also see the before and after pictures of this project.

It’s Finally Happening

“Great, well, might as well make the most of this situation,” sighs Melinda.

Standing on her deck she can see the exterior paint on her home fading away beneath the dirt. It’s not the color it once was and a simple cleaning won’t fix the problem.

Melinda’s deck isn’t looking so good either. She needs someone to paint her house exterior and repaint her deck.

Melinda smiles a bit. “At least I finally have a reason to paint my home one of the popular colors for houses. Until then, I don’t know if I can let anyone I know see my house like this.”

She looks down at her phone and starts looking for painting contractors near Dexter, Michigan.

That’s where she finds Tribble Painting.

Hiring Tribble Painting

Tribble Core Values

Before Melinda calls us, she finds our blog post on how Tribble Painting works with clients. After she looks over it, she feels way more comfortable and decides to contact us.

  1. Melinda contacts us
  2. We reach back out
  3. We schedule an on-site estimate
  4. On-site estimate
  5. We send Melinda a welcome video
  6. She gets an email the Wednesday before we start with a possible start day and time and a link to her project manager’s bio
  7. Melinda lets us know that the date and time works for her

Painting Melinda’s House Exterior A Fresh New Color

Tribbles crew for painting a house exterior in dexter Michigan

Tribble’s painting team shows up right when they said they would.

Melinda’s project manager takes her on a pre-project walkthrough. He answers her questions and makes sure they’re on the same page.

He even gives her his cellphone number so she can call him if she needs to.

Then the team starts the process of painting a house exterior. Melinda also has the team repaint her deck because it was peeling like crazy.

The Before And After Pictures

Before painting a house exterior front in dexter Michigan

After painting a house exterior in dexter Michigan

Before painting a house exterior back in dexter Michigan
After painting a house exterior back in dexter Michigan
After scraping a peeling deck in dexter Michigan
After painting a deck in dexter Michigan

What Happens After The Project

Melinda’s project manager takes her on a post-job walk-through. She can’t see anything that needs touching up, so she makes the final payment.

Melinda will get a follow-up call to make sure she’s still happy with the look of her home and that nothing has changed

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“This is exactly what my house needed,” says Melinda with a smile. As she stands on her deck looking at her home, she wonders what other projects Tribble Painting have done.

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