Painting A House Exterior In Ann Arbor: A 2019 Transformation

Painting a house exterior isn’t easy but sometimes it is necessary. It sure is for Nick L and his wife’s home. They hired us to repaint their house exterior. Here is the process they went through to transform their house back into a home.

It isn’t easy living in a house you aren’t in love with.

That’s why Nick and his wife are going to change it. They are going to transform their house so that they can once again live in a home they want to be in.

To do this, they decide to paint their fading house exterior:

House exterior in Ann Arbor in need of painting

Nick knows a new paint job for the house exterior is past due. The paint looks worn down, some of it is peeling, and their whole house is one solid color. The original painter/owner didn’t have much imagination. On top of all this, part of their wood exterior is rotting.

It’s going to be a decently big project. But, they aren’t going to chance doing it themselves. Nick would rather hire a contractor to fix the wood and paint their house.

So he and his wife get online and start looking for house exterior painting contractors in Ann Arbor.

Finding A Contractor To Paint Their House Exterior

As they are going through the websites of local contractors they don’t find anything very appealing. But eventually they come across Tribble Painting (that’s us!)

Nick loves the website. It’s easy to use, looks great, and the company values speak to him on a personal level. His wife wants to read the reviews. They are great, meaning Tribble Painting could be who they are looking for.

Tribbles values

They call the number at the top of the page…

Ashley, the administrative assistant, cheerfully answers the phone. Together they discuss the basics of the project. She skillfully answers their questions too. Nick and his wife end up scheduling an estimate for painting their house exterior.

Getting An Estimate & On The Schedule

Nick and his wife are waiting for the estimator.

Nick (said estimator) shows up right on time. They go over the plans and he gives them an estimate, which they readily accept. The couple hands over the deposit and are officially on the schedule.

They soon receive an email with the week their project will start. As the project nears, they get another one with their start date. It also has some information about who their project manager is, including a nice picture and short biography.

Nick and his wife eagerly await for the start day to arrive…

Painting The House Exterior

The project start day is here.

The project manager shows up, on time too! He covers the scope of the project and answers any questions the couple has. He also gives them his personal cell phone number. Now the crew can come in and start transforming their house:

The crew starts with the wood parts first. Nick watches as they start scraping the loose paint off and start priming the wood. They then begin caulking the house to strengthen the seal. Then they paint the exterior wood, trim, cedar shakes, and the rest of the house exterior with two coats of quality paint. It shouldn’t start peeling or fading anytime soon.

Nick and his wife don’t want the uniform color anymore. They instead choose 2 different colors. This is the end result:

Finished painting a house in Ann Arbor

A Beautiful “New” Home

Nick and his wife love the new look. It actually feels like their home when they see it now. Their project manager does a final walkthrough with them. They all ensure everything is done and looks amazing (which it is and does). Now they can enjoy feeling at home in their home.

We can paint your house exterior too >>

All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.