Louisiana Pacific Siding Issues And How To Slow Down The Damage

Find Out How To Care For The Siding On Your Home In Brighton, MI

Lousiana Pacific siding issues mostly involve cracking and rotting from water damage. You can tell how bad it is by looking under the edges.

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Is Our House Next?!

“Jason, what’s going on with our neighbor’s house?” asks Sarah.

“I think something is wrong with their siding,” answers Jason. “I talked to them and they said something about having issues with their Louisiana Pacific siding.”

Sarah frowns. “Wait, that’s the same siding we have for our home, isn’t it? Is our house going to be next?!” she says worriedly.

Jason shrugs. “I don’t know, but it’s possible. We should look up how to tell so we can try to avoid redoing our siding. At least we don’t have to learn how to stop woodpeckers and repair their holes.” He pulls out his phone to look up Louisiana Pacific siding issues on Google.

After searching, here is what Jason and Sarah learn:

Louisiana Pacific Siding Issues

The major issue with Louisiana Pacific siding is once it starts to deteriorate there’s no going back. You’ll have to replace your siding. The main cause of this is water collecting on the bottom edges of the boards. The water cracks and rots the boards, which means you’ll need to get the rotten wood replaced.

Louisiana Pacific siding issues include cracking like this

You can tell by looking up at the drip edges (the bottom edge of the board). Look for cracks and unevenness in the drip edges. If they are in good condition, the drip edges should be straight and the same thickness. If you see cracks and a rotting wood look, it may be too late to save your siding.

How To Slow Down The Issues

You can slow down the decay with an exterior painting job on your Ypsilanti home.

We recommend 100% acrylic top-of-the-line paint such as Benjamin Moore Regal or Sherwin Williams Duration. Paint helps keep water from getting into and damaging the siding. 

It’s best to have an inspector come take a look every 5 years. They’ll tell you if they see any issues, and you can then take steps to get ahead of them.

louisiana pacific siding issues include rotting

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“I’ll go take a look and see if our siding has any issues,” says Jason as he heads outside. Sarah decides to see what else she can learn.

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