You’ll Love The Images Of Painted Home Exteriors Done By Us

These Are The Colors And Styles Our Clients Around Ann Arbor Ask Us To Paint Onto Their Home Exteriors

It’s always smart to see the projects a home improvement contractor has done. Then you can see if they can do what you want them to!

In this post, you can see house exterior painting images we’ve taken after finishing projects. You can also see a video of a project we did.

Our Neighbors Are Changing It Up

“Maybe we should think about painting our home’s exterior,” suggests Sarah.

Jason barks a short laugh. “That’s what I’ve been saying! The paint’s fading and there are minor damages here and there. A new layer of paint would be great for our exterior.”

“Especially because our neighbors are getting their exterior redone. A different color too,” says Sarah. “I think we should look at painted house exteriors near us for some ideas.”

Jason nods. “That sounds like a great plan! I wouldn’t mind changing house exterior colors. Speaking of, we should also look into popular exterior colors in Ann Arbor. Let’s hit up the Google search! We can look into exterior house painting costs too.”

Here’s what the couple uncovers:

Exterior House Painting Pictures From Local Projects

Whether you have wood, aluminum, vinyl, brick, or another siding type, people want it to look amazing! That’s why they paint it every so often. But, finding a trustworthy contractor can be difficult.

So, here’s some of our work! Our clients around Ann Arbor are asking us to paint their home exteriors to look like the following images:

Home exterior with refreshed paint and new trim paint
Newly painted home exterior
House with a white exterior
Tribble painting team outside a finished project where they used the best exterior house paint
Modern style house with gray exterior color
Blue gray brick exterior
Freshly painted house exterior
House exterior after painting
Home exterior before and after painting
Bright blue house exterior
House with an exterior that has the lower part white and upper part blue
Popular exterior house colors like blue
After painting a house exterior in dexter michigan
After painting a house exterior back in dexter michigan
Large blue home
Newly painted historic home in Ann Arbor
Red house after painting
Back of red painted house with T1-11 siding
Tribble team member posing with house after painting it red

Bonus: Exterior Homes With Stains!

Red and wood stained house exterior
Front of house after applying maintenance coat to wood exterior siding
Other side of home with wood exterior siding after maintenance coating

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“What do you think of this painting contractor’s pictures?” asks Jason. Sarah nods. “I think we should keep looking around their blog and website, see what else we can find.”

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