This Is How Tribble Painting Works With You From Contact To Follow Up

It’s Always Great Going Into Anything Knowing What The Process Will Be Like

For some reason, contractors don’t talk about what the process for working with them is like. We don’t know why, it’s not like it needs to be a secret.

In this post, you’ll discover what it’ll be like to work together with us. We’ll touch on the steps and talk about some of the details in them.

Do We Need Scooby And The Gang?

“Actually, there’s no mystery here that needs solving,” says Jason, playing into Sarah’s joke.

Sarah’s forehead crinkles in doubt. “Wait, you mean there’s somewhere this painting contractor talks about their process?” Jason smiles and nods. “I found it when I was going through their blog looking for the cost to paint a home.”

“Show me,” says Sarah seriously. Jason takes his phone out, unlocks it, and pulls up the blog post he read.

“Here you go, the process for working with Tribble Painting,” says Jason, handing his phone to Sarah.

Here’s what she finds:

The 11 Steps We’ll Go Through Together

Tribble Core Values

11 steps may seem like a lot. We want to detail this process out for you so there’s no mystery as to what it’ll be like working together.

1. Contact us by phone, email, or request an estimate from our website

  • We’ll get back to you on the same day, the next day if your request comes in after 5 pm or on a weekend

2. We’ll reach back out

  • This is where we ask about your project scope, timing, the reasons behind wanting to do the project now, whether you have done a project like this before, and other important questions
  • We’ll ask for any additional contact information
  • We may ask you to jump on our website to look at blog posts about similar jobs or pricing

3. Schedule an on-site estimate

  • You’ll get a video introducing your estimator and information about our interior or exterior painting process

4. On-site estimate

  • Your estimator will meet with you, review your project, and then give you an estimate on the spot
  • If you accept the estimate we ask for a 10% deposit to secure a spot on our schedule

5. Welcome video

  • Once the deposit comes through, you’ll get a video welcoming you to the Tribble Family. Within a week, you’ll get another one with the tentative scheduling date
  • The two things that can move the tentative date are rain and other clients ahead of you in the schedule adding more work

If your exterior project is more than two months out, you’ll get another email 30 days out to touch base

You’ll get an email arranging a power washing two weeks before the start of the job. This makes sure your exterior is paint-ready. It also streamlines the process so you can get your beautiful exterior back more quickly

6. You’ll get an email the Wednesday before we start with a possible start day and time

  • Please let us know if this day and time work for you
  • You’ll also get a link to a bio introducing your Project Manager

7. We begin transforming your home

  • Our crew shows up at the agreed-upon start day and time
  • Your project manager takes you on a pre-job walkthrough
  • They’ll review the estimate, asks questions to get a clear understanding of your expectations, and set you up for the post-job walkthrough. They’ll also let you know they’ll collect the final payment on the last day
  • The painters will set a plan for the day and plot out the flow of the job for the week
  • Depending on the size of your house the preparation work can take 1 to 4 days on average. The painting can take 2 to 6 days on average
  • You’ll get daily progress updates and be told about anything unexpected that comes up, such as rotten wood found beneath the paint
  • If we get rained off the job we’ll be back the next day and start right back up
  • Your project manager will keep in touch with you about when they’ll finish your project and what’s a good time to do the final walkthrough

8. Post-job walkthrough

  • This is where you can point out anything that needs touching up and ask any questions

9. Take care of any touch-ups

10. Collect final payment

  • We’d love it if you’d leave us a review (we can send you a link) so you can share your experience with other homeowners near you

11. Follow up call

  • You’ll get a call from us once your home looks great again and the office bills the job (we want to make sure you’re happy)
  • We may ask about leaving a review again and resend the link

We are beginning to work with a new Customer Relationship Management system. We’ll use it to follow up again at the one, three, and six-month marks past your project’s end.

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“Seems like they really did take the mystery out of their process,” says Sarah in surprise. Jason smiles and nods. “The best part is they have more blog posts like this one. Here, let’s check them out.”

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