How To Stain A Deck As We Did For This Client In 1 Day

This Is How We Stain Decks Quickly In Ann Arbor So Our Clients Can Get Their Home Back Faster

We would love to share our deck staining process with you! Staining a deck is no easy task, even with a team of 4. 

In this post, you’ll discover how we stain most decks for clients. And if you’re ready to get expert exterior painting services in Ann Arbor, click here! You can see us in action in the video below:

Hopefully, It Won’t Take Them As Long

“Yeah, between the two of us it still took hours to stain our deck,” Sarah remembers.

Jason nods. “Yep, and it didn’t turn out as we wanted it to either. This is why we’re hiring a painting contractor to do it this time. Saves us a bunch of time and stress.”

Sarah frowns thoughtfully. “I wonder what their process is for staining a deck? It’s got to be better than the one we used somehow.”

Jason shrugs. “Let’s look and see if it’s on their blog page. I know they have one, it’s where I found the cost to stain a deck,” he says as he unlocks his phone. He gets on the website and starts looking. “Here we go,” he says, turning the phone so Sarah can see too.

Here’s what the couple finds out:

How To Stain A Deck In 9 Steps

  1. Prepare the deck and surrounding area for staining
  2. Scrape any loose stain off
  3. Repair any damages
  4. Spray solid stain on rails
  5. Follow up with a brush or mini roller to even it out and get any missed areas
  6. Spray solid stain on decking
  7. Follow up with a roller to even it out and get any missed areas
  8. Use a brush to get between the cracks if needed
  9. Allow it to set and dry

What These Steps Involve And Why They’re Important

Tribble team staining decking

Preparation. This involves putting down drop cloths to protect walls, plants, and other surfaces you don’t want to stain.

Scraping. Stains won’t last nearly as long if they have loose stain beneath them. The loose stain presses against the new top layer, lessening its lifespan.

Repairing. Damages will also lessen the new stain’s lifespan. If we see or find any damages we’ll contact you immediately to talk about our options.

Spraying. Spraying is much easier and quicker. This means you’ll pay less for time and labor. It also means you’ll have your deck back more quickly.

Following up. We follow up to even out the stain and make sure it covers everything.

A Little About This Deck Staining Project

Our client’s deck is peeling and they have a graduation party coming up soon! Outdoor stains only last about 3 to 5 years here in Ann Arbor.

With our team of 4 and an airless sprayer, we were able to completely stain it in a few hours.

This solid stain will keep their deck looking fresh for years to come, and perfect for the graduation party.

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“We couldn’t do that without renting a sprayer. At least they’ll be able to finish quickly,” says Jason in relief. Sarah smiles happily. “Perfect! Now, let’s see what else they have on this blog.”

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