How To Remove Wallpaper From Your Walls In 9 Steps

Start The Process For Giving The Interior Walls Of Your Manchester Home A Fresh New Look

How to remove wallpaper- find a seam near the corner and use a tool to carefully peel up a corner. Grab the corner and slowly pull back with even pressure.

Find the tools and other steps for prepping for an interior painting project in Manchester, MI, below-

Old, Old, Old…

“And OLD! This entire room looks way out of date, Jason,” Sarah criticizes.

Jason puts his hands up defensively. “Whoa-k then, where did this come from, and what does it mean exactly?” Sarah throws her hands up in the air. “It means this wallpaper has to go.”

How to remove wallpaper like this

“Ok, we can make that happen. Do you want me to look up how to remove wallpaper so we can start or…?” asks Jason. Sarah frowns. “Hmmm. Yeah, if you want to. I don’t think it’ll be easy, but if you can do it then I say go for it.”

Jason goes to find his phone. “I’ll see what all I’d need and need to do for it. If it seems like too much, we can hire a painter to do it and then paint the wall. We already know how much interior painting costs.”

He finds his phone and looks up the process. Here is what he finds on removing wallpaper:

Not All Wallpaper Is Made The Same

Peelable wallpaper is one of the easiest to remove. It’s also the type of wallpaper we’re going to show you how to remove:

Strippable wallpaper is even easier because it doesn’t have a backing as peelable does. For other types of wallpaper, you may need to use tools like a steamer and scoring tools. They’re harder to remove and thus need more effort.

“Ah, here’s where we get into the steps for how to remove wallpaper,” Jason says, scrolling down.

Tools And Materials List

These posts can help you better prep your home for removing wallpaper and painting:

Removing Wallpaper In 9 Steps

  1. Find a seam near a corner
  2. Use the multi-tool or scraper to peel up a bit of the paper
  3. Carefully peel the wallpaper off of the wall using even pressure
  4. Repeat until it’s all off
  5. Fill the sprayer with the chemical solution and hot water
  6. Spray wallpaper backing that’s left on the wall in the same sections as the wallpaper was
  7. Wait about 5-10 minutes while the chemical solution softens the glue holding the backing to the wall
  8. Respray
  9. Peel like you did the wallpaper

It’s all about patience. Waiting until the solution softens, the glue is the best and least messy.

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“Wow, that video is great! It has tips for making the process easier too. I think I’ll give it a shot and see if I can do it,” Jason says to Sarah. “That is cool! Did you find anything else interesting on the website?”

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