This Is How To Paint Outdoor Light Fixtures Back To Their Best

Learn How To Make Your Landscape Lights Look Amazing For Your Home In Ann Arbor
Light fixture in backyard

How to paint outdoor light fixtures starts with masking off the area around the fixture. Then you strip, clean, prime, and paint them.

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They’re Looking A Little Rough

“Yeah, I thought they might be after that big storm,” sighs Sarah.

Jason shrugs. “Well, it’s been a long time too. They weren’t looking their best anyway so at least this motivates us to do something about it.”

Sarah nods and chuckles. “You’ve got a good point there. But, the material is still good, right? If it’s just surface damage we can paint our outdoor light fixtures instead of replacing them.” Jason nods. “That’s true, and we can do it. Let’s look up how to paint outdoor light fixtures on Google, like when we were looking up how to paint a wall.”

Jason takes out his phone and starts searching. “Home improvement project, let’s go!” says Sarah happily.

Here’s what the couple ends up finding:

How To Paint Outdoor Light Fixtures

  1. Mask the outdoor light fixtures with tape and plastic
  2. Strip off the paint with an abrasive material and any rust with commercial rust remover
  3. Clean the fixtures with an all-purpose cleaner
  4. Use a rust-inhibiting primer
  5. Paint

Proper Masking Technique

This masking technique works for outdoor light fixtures attached to walls.

Cut a sheet of paper or lightweight material so it extends about 1 to 2 feet around the fixture in each direction. You can also cut styrofoam to create a raised edge around the light.

Unscrew the back of the fixture a bit and slide the material behind it. Cut a slit into the top of the paper and slide it behind the fixture. Use painter’s tape to stick it to the wall, being sure to cover the cut too. Attach the styrofoam border around the fixture and on top of the paper with the duct tape.

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“This actually sounds DIY-able, but do we have the materials, time, and energy?” asks Jason. Sarah sighs. “We might, but I don’t know. Let’s talk about it while we see what else we can find on this blog.”