How To Paint Cabinets So You’ll Love Your Kitchen Again

Clients Have Us Come In To Paint Their Kitchen Cabinets A New Color For Their Ann Arbor Home
Nearing the end of the project

You can learn how to paint cabinets and see the difference it can make with this real project clients hired us to do. They also had us paint some walls, ceilings, and trim. Will you think their home looks better now than it did before we painted it?

How To Paint Cabinets

Where Has The Love Gone?

“When was the last time you actually loved being in here?”

Heather waits for Hank to answer. She can guess what he’s going to say but she needs him to say it before she can move forward with her plan.

“I mean,” Hank begins, “I guess I never thought about it too much but our kitchen looks kinda plain and older, especially when you compare it to our friends’ kitchens”:

Hire someone who knows how to paint kitchen cabinets so it can look as good as this

“Exactly, so let’s do something to fix that,” Heather responds. She and Hank talk about it for a while and decide to hire someone to paint their kitchen cabinets, powder room vanity, and walls. They just need to find someone who knows how to paint cabinets really well.

“Let’s call Tribble Painting, they’ve done work for us before and it still looks great,” Heather remembers.

“Let’s contact Tribble Painting, they’ve done work for us before and it still looks great,” Heather remembers.

Will We Hire Tribble Painting?

“This is Ashley with Tribble Painting, how may I help you?”

Ashley with Tribble Painting talking with Heather about her cabinet painting project

Being past clients, Heather remembers Ashley’s voice and greeting. They chat about the last project for a bit before diving into Heather’s plans for the current one.

They schedule a time for the estimator, Nick, to come to talk to her and look at what they want to do.

Nick with Tribble Painting giving an estimate on cabinet painting and more

Nick shows up right on time. He looks at what she wants to do, talks over the details, and gets an idea of what Heather is expecting from Tribble Painting. He assures her all the painters know how to paint cabinets very well. Nick gives her a written estimate, which she accepts.

Heather calls Tribble Painting and talks to the office administrator, Jeanette.

Jeanette with Tribble Painting scheduling the cabinet painting project

Heather tells her what colors she wants so they can order it in time for the project to begin. Jeanette sends Heather an email with the week her project will start.

As the week gets closer Heather gets another email with the actual start date and some information about who her project manager will be.

Finally, the day of the project arrives, as does the Tribble team who knows how to paint cabinets.

Painting Heather’s Cabinets And More

Heather watches as the Tribble team gets out of their van and walks up to her door.

She opens it for them and meets Aaron G (the project manager from the email and the picture below) and Mac, another painter.

Aaron G with Tribble Painting knows how to paint cabinets

They go on a pre-job walkthrough where they review the details and expectations. Aaron also talks about their goals for the first day so Heather will know what’s happening in her house.

Then the project begins.

How To Paint Cabinets In 6 Steps

This is the process for how to paint cabinets:

  1. Clean cabinets
  2. Degrease doors and drawers
  3. Sand
  4. Clean sanding dust off
  5. Prime
  6. Paint 2 coats, letting each one dry completely
Working on painting cabinets

Day 1

Aaron and Mac repair the drywall, remove the cabinet and drawer doors, and head to the shop with the cabinet parts.

There they clean, degrease, sand, clean, and prime the cabinet doors and drawers. They do the same thing to the cabinet boxes fixed to the walls. 

Day 2

Aaron and Mac paint the cabinets with one coat of Benjamin Moore acrylic paint in the color Heather chose. They also paint the ceilings.

Day 3

Aaron and Mac paint the walls and apply a second coat of paint to the cabinets.

Cabinet Reinstallation

Once everything is done Aaron and Mac come back and reinstall the cabinet doors:

What Does Heather Think Of Her “New” Colors?

Once everything is back in place Aaron and Heather go on a post-job walkthrough to make sure she loves everything about the finish.

Aaron Goulet & crew did an outstanding job painting our kitchen cabinets. They absolutely look brand-new, like they were factory-made in that color. Aaron was also meticulous in making sure all hardware, doors and drawers were replaced perfectly. I’m delighted with the way everything turned out!”

Instead of spending more time and money replacing their cabinets, Heather and her family chose to use a little paint instead. Now they have new colors and love their home again:

Walls and vanity cabinet before painting
Walls and vanity cabinet after painting

You can love your home again too! Whether it’s a kitchen cabinet painting project or a different one you can rely on our interior painting services.