How To Paint A House Inside And Out Like A Pro Painter

See The Steps Every Painter Should Follow When Painting A Home In Chelsea, MI

The steps for how to paint a house’s interior and exterior are pretty similar. It does change depending on what part you’re painting.

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Find the steps to painting below-

How Do They Do It?

“We can never seem to get as good of a finish as pro painters,” Jason sighs.

Sarah huffs. “How do they manage it? I mean, practice, obviously, but still! Maybe we just need to find a better process for how to paint a house.”

Jason frowns in thought. “You might be onto something there, Sarah. It would be even better if we could see some videos on painting a house.” Sarah nods and pulls out her phone. “Well, let’s look it up and see what we can find!” Jason nods. “While you do that I’ll look up how to fix paint streaks on walls.”

Sarah searches Google for the best way to paint a house. After some searching, here is what she finds:

Prep Is The First Step

For every paint job, you’ll want to know how to prepare your house for painting. It involves cleaning, repairing, taping, covering, sanding, and a few other important steps. It’s the most important step in how to paint a house.

How to prepare a house interior for painting

Choose How You’ll Paint

It’s all about spraying vs brushing. You can use brushes and rollers or you can choose the sprayer method. Spraying takes more prep time but painting is so much faster. Brushing and rolling can be a little more difficult.

Spray painting a houses brick exterior in Scio Township

How To Paint A House Interior

Painting a house interior can be done with rollers and brushes. Prepare the room for painting with painter’s tape, coverings, and drop cloths. Prime the walls. Use a brush to paint the edges around doors, windows, etc. Use a roller for large areas. Apply 2 coats of paint.

Here’s how we paint interior walls using an 18-inch roller:

The process is different if you want to know how to paint kitchen cabinets. Depending on how good of a job you want, it can take 1 hour to 3 weeks to put your kitchen cabinets back in. We follow this 9-step process:

  1. Assess condition
  2. Remove and mark doors and drawer faces
  3. Remove and mark door hardware and handles
  4. Clean doors, drawer faces, and cabinet boxes
  5. Lightly sand
  6. Clean again
  7. Prime
  8. Lightly sand clean
  9. Paint
Preparing the cabinets for painting

How To Paint A House Exterior

Painting a house exterior involves cleaning the walls, making any repairs, taping and covering areas that won’t be painted, priming, and painting. It can change depending on the type of siding. Wood siding needs sanding and sometimes caulking first. 

Right after painting aluminum siding in Ann Arbor

You can paint aluminum siding in 5 steps: clean with a power washer, get any mold or mildew off with a cleanser, make any repairs as needed, mask trim, windows, etc, then paint with 2 coats of acrylic paint.

Painting a wood exterior

It takes 7 steps to paint wood siding: carefully clean your exterior wood siding with a pressure washer and TSP, repair any damages and caulk if needed, put down drop cloths, remove loose paint, sand, prime areas that need it, and paint.

House with vinyl siding

There are 4 steps to paint vinyl siding: wash the vinyl clean, mask anything that doesn’t need painting, paint with 2 coats of preferably vinyl safe paint, then remove the masking.

You can also learn how to paint garage doors: wash with a mild bleach and water solution, scrape off any loose paint, check for rot and damaged areas and replace them as needed, caulk garage door frame, prime any bare wood, then apply one or two coats of high-quality paint.

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“So, we click on the links and get more information on the steps? This is pretty ideal,” Sarah says happily. Jason smiles. “Let’s see what else we can learn! Maybe we can hire painters to do it for us instead.”

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