People In Ann Arbor Are Investing This Much In Giving Their Home A Look They Love
Painting a ceiling

We want you to be able to get the ideal look of your home’s interior. To do this, people look up the cost so they can know what to budget (good move, by the way).

In this post, you can find out the cost of interior painting for whole houses of different sizes, per room, for ceilings, for the average size bedroom, and for kitchens. You can also discover the main reasons the cost can change.

How Much Should We Do At Once?

“I don’t know, what does interior painting cost for whole houses vs per room?” asks Jason.

Sarah shrugs. “Looks like neither of us knows. We definitely need to find out whole house interior painting costs, bedroom painting costs, ceiling painting costs, and per room costs. Maybe more,” she points out. “Then we can prepare and budget as we need to.”

Jason nods as he picks his phone up off of the table. “I love that idea! Let’s get after it then. No time like the present and all that.” He opens Google on his phone and starts looking.

Here’s what he and Sarah discover:

Interior Painting Costs In Ann Arbor

Painting an interior ceiling

Interior home painting costs range from $680 to $28,000 and higher. This range starts at the cost of painting a ceiling and goes to painting a 4,500 square foot home interior. The cost mainly depends on size, project scope, if it’s the same color or a change, damages, and paint quality.

Area Being Painted Cost
Small bathroom $500 – $1,000
Ceiling $680 – $1,500
Kitchen $900 – $2,500
2,500 square foot home interior $15,000 – $20,000
3,500 square foot home interior $20,000 – $30,000
4,500 square foot home interior $30,000 – $40,000
Per room $950 – $2,000+

The Main Factors Changing Interior House Painting Prices

Painting a two story living room

Size. The more area there is to paint the more expensive it’ll be and the less there is the less expensive it is. It comes down to time, labor, and materials. Two-story areas need special equipment to reach, and if our team needs to get on ladders we pay them for the extra risk.

  • This also includes accessibility. If it’s hard for us to get our equipment in and set up it’ll add to time and labor, which increases cost.

Project scope. Different areas of your home’s interior, like kitchens vs bedrooms vs two-story foyers, can have different costs. It also depends on the amount. One room vs an entire interior has a different cost.

Color. If you just want us to refresh the same color, that’s easy. Interior painting costs go up if you want us to paint over a stain or use a different color. It takes more materials and a slightly different process, adding to time and labor too.

Damages. Sometimes we find damages that need fixing before or during a project. It’s mostly nicks and dings and nail holes, though sometimes we find water damage and wood rot. We like to fix them before we paint so your walls look better and the paint lasts longer.

  • Cracking or peeling paint counts as damage. We need to scrape it off before we paint or it’ll lower the lifespan of the new paint. This increases time and labor and thus cost.

Paint quality. We prefer higher quality paints because they look better for longer. This means you won’t have to spend money hiring painters to walk around your house as quickly. Lower quality paints are cheaper upfront.

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“Alright, now we’re one step closer to painting our interior!” says Jason happily. Sarah nods. “Yep, but we still have a bit of digging left to do,” she points out. Jason smiles. “Let’s get to it then!”