This Is How Much It Costs To Paint Kitchen Cabinets Professionally

Giving Your Cabinets A Fresh Look Can Change How You Feel About Your Home In Ann Arbor

We’re so glad you went looking for an answer to this question! It’s always nice to know some ballpark numbers for how much something can cost. This way, you can budget for it and not have the shock of hearing a number you weren’t expecting.

In this post, you’ll find out how much it can cost to paint kitchen cabinets by our Novi painters and surrounding areas in Michigan. You’ll also find some of the main factors that can cause the cost to change.

Project PKC

“Hey, hon, what are you doing over there?” asks Jason.

Sarah looks up from her phone. “I’m thinking about starting Project PKC so I’m doing some research.” Jason raises an eyebrow. “Project PKC?” he asks slowly.

Sarah smiles. “Yeah, Project Paint Kitchen Cabinets. I’m sick of the dark wood look, makes me feel like my mom. Not that that’s bad or anything, I just don’t like this older style. I’d love it if we could update the look to something more modern. I looked up how to paint kitchen cabinets and it seems like it’d be easier to hire someone.”

Jason flops down on the couch next to her. “That sounds nice but expensive. What exactly are you looking up right now?”

“Pricing, actually. Want to know the cost to paint kitchen cabinets in Ann Arbor?” Jason nods as Sarah angles her phone so he can see too.

Here’s what the couple discovers:

The Cost To Have A Professional Paint Kitchen Cabinets

Angled view of kitchen after painting the cabinets

The cost to paint kitchen cabinets is anywhere from $4,000 to $9,000 and higher. The average cost, which includes the cost for mid-sized kitchens, is about $6,800. It depends on size, how much of the cabinets are being painted, complexity, damages, and the materials.

What Can Change The Cost

Glossy paint sheen used for white kitchen cabinets

Size. Larger kitchens tend to have more cabinets. This means more time, labor, and materials, which increases the cost.

How much is being painted. There are the doors, frames, the cabinet box, the inside, and the shelves. The more you want to paint the more time, labor, and materials it’ll take.

Damages. If we find any damages we’ll let you know immediately and decide together what to do. It’s best to fix them instead of paint over them. Any damages will only get worse and may show up through the paint. Damages can also cause the paint to crack and peel more quickly.

Complexity. Size, the amount being painted, and damages fall into this. But, it can also include layout (tight, confined spaces can make painting harder). If your cabinets have paint or stain already on them we need to strip that off first.

Materials. The more expensive paints and stains are better choices. They tend to look better for longer than cheaper, lower-quality ones. This means you’ll have to paint them less often (which means you won’t have to give up your money, personal space, or cabinets as quickly).

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“That’s not too bad, actually. I mean, we’re spending a ton of time in the kitchen now and we will be for the foreseeable future. Let’s do it!” Jason says excitedly. Sarah smiles from ear to ear. “Great! Let’s see what else we can find before we jump in.”

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