The True Cost To Paint Aluminum Siding In Ann Arbor

Find Out The Average Cost For Ann Arbor Homes And What Can Cause It To Change
Newly painted aluminum siding

The average cost to paint aluminum siding in Ann Arbor will be a few thousand dollars. You can find out why and the average cost for a 2 story home.

The answers are in the post below-

Has It Been That Long Already?

“We haven’t lived here that long but it has been over a decade.”

Nick lets out a low whistle. He hadn’t realized it had been that long since the exterior of their home had been painted. He might never have noticed if Sam hadn’t pointed it out.

Before painting aluminum siding

“We can certainly paint it so it looks new again. But will we keep it the same color or use one of the popular exterior colors for Ann Arbor?” Nick asks her. “First let’s try to figure out what the cost to paint aluminum siding might be in the Ann Arbor area,” Sam suggests.

Nick agrees as Sam finagles her phone from her purse. She searches for the answer on Google as Nick looks over her shoulder.

Here is what the couple finds about exterior painting services

How Long Can The Paint Last?

“The paint can last for that long?!”

Freshly painted aluminum siding and brick house

Done correctly, the paint job can last 10-15 years with very little maintenance. Around 20 years it can start getting chalky, causing the look to become uneven.

“We definitely fall in that timeframe. Look, here’s the cost to paint aluminum siding!” Sam says excitedly.

The True Cost Of Painting Aluminum Siding

Using two coats of paint, the average cost to paint aluminum siding on a two story, 2500-square foot home is $12,000-18,000. The price depends on the condition of the siding, house size, complexity (number of colors, is the house on hill, ect.), and how much detail is involved.

Front and side of home after painting aluminum siding

“That’s not bad at all, especially if you’re paying for a quality job with a great painting team,” Nick says with a nod. Their neighbor Jan went through this earlier when he hired someone to do his aluminum siding painting project.

“Here we go, more info on what causes the price to change,” Sam says scrolling down.

What Can Cause Cost To Change

“Looks like we get a little more info than what was in the last paragraph.”

If the exterior of your home has peeling paint it will cost more because you’ll need to scrape it off. If it isn’t the new paint won’t stick well and you’ll be repainting sooner.

Any damages, like rotting wood, need fixing first. It can cause worse problems down the line if not. “Hopefully the cost to paint alumunim siding doesn’t go up for us because of damages,” Nick whispers worriedly.

Size is the most obvious reason the cost will change. Larger homes need more manpower, time, and materials.

During process of painting aluminum siding around garage

Then there’s complexity. Switching colors, higher houses, landscaping getting in the way, and other such factors can make the project more difficult.

The amount of detail also plays into complexity. If you have wood window frames they may need painting too. Trim, shutters, doors, porches, columns, and other details can add to the price.

Up Next Is…

“After we decide on a color we’ll need to start getting estimates,” Nick points out. “Right, but they’re all going to be different,” Ashley sighs.

“I wonder why painting estimates are so different?” Nick wonders aloud.

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