Commercial Paint Contractors Repainting 2 Small Buildings In Ann Arbor

This is a commercial painting project clients of ours in Ann Arbor asked us to do for them. Yes, we are commercial paint contractors too! Their buildings are beside the train tracks on Main Street. For their project, they asked us to get rid of the graffiti, change the color schemes so the buildings tie together, and to protect the buildings.

You can follow Margo’s journey to getting her commercial buildings painted and protected.

“You know, hon, I bet they could do it, and well too,” Margo says thoughtfully.

Her hand hovers over the kitchen table, paused from setting the table while she thinks. She is talking to her husband about repainting their commercial buildings.

They can both see that the buildings are slowly wearing down. The wood building is dry and sunweathered, with paint missing in several areas. It looks like it’s been outside for as long as it has. The other, metal, building is rusting and has graffiti all around the bottom half.

Margo sighs as she remembers how great they used to look: the wood building was a brilliant white with green trim while the metal one was the red of Carolina clay.

Now they are starting to show their age…

This is why she and her husband are trying to find commercial paint contractors to fix them up again.

“Do they even do commercial painting jobs?” her husband asks. “I saw it on their website.” Margo responds, “They had some very nice pictures of previous jobs they’ve done. I’ll show them to you after dinner.”

Who is this mystery commercial painting contractor?

Hiring The Contractors

“These commercial pictures are pretty good.”

“See,” Margo says, “plus they’ve done great work on our house inside and out. We know them, we trust them, and most importantly, we like them. I think we should call and ask.”

“You’re right, as usual,” he agrees with a smile. “Might as well call and ask.” Margo takes out her phone and calls Tribble Painting to ask about their commercial painting service. The phone rings…

A cheery voice breaks the ringing: “Hi, this is Ashley with Tribble Painting! How may I help you today?”

“Hi Ashley, this is Margo Náme. We’ve actually had you paint our house interior and exterior before.” A small gasp of recognition comes through the phone, “Oh, yes, I do! How are you?”

After some pleasant conversation they get down to business.

Ashley, part of the Tribble office team

“Ok, so I want to make sure I have this right,” Ashley begins. “You want us to clean and paint both buildings, make any carpentry repairs on the wood building, remove the rust on the metal one, and remove the graffiti. Is that correct?”

“Perfect.” Margo replies happily. The two of them and her husband schedule an estimate and wait for the day to come.

Estimating The Job

Todd Tribble, owner and part-time estimator, shows up right on time:

Todd, owner of Tribble Painting

He walks around the property with them, asking and answering questions, observing, and making pleasant conversation.

“Ok,” says Todd, “based on what I have seen and what you’ve told me…” He gives them the estimate. After a little discussion, Margo says “That sounds good to us. We’ll get you a deposit and then wait for the scheduling email! Isn’t this great honey?! We’re making our buildings better again.”

Over the next few weeks, the couple gets emails about their start week and then their start day. The last one also comes with a picture and short bio of their soon-to-be project manager.

Then, the day arrives!

Painting The Commercial Buildings

The team gets out of their van and starts unloading while the project manager (the one from the email) starts walking towards her. Together they go over the job again to make sure everyone is on the same page. 

Part of the Tribble commercial paint contractors team

“Wait, your personal number?!” Margo can hardly believe it. The project manager is offering to give her his personal cell phone number so she can reach out to him at any time.

“Oh, that’s right,” she suddenly remembers, “they do this for all their clients.” “Yes, that would be amazing, thank you.”

“Did I miss anything?” he asks politely. “No, you covered everything. We can’t wait to see the final product!” Margo responds excitedly. The project manager grins as he spins around and strides away, snapping out instructions as he does.

Then the painting begins:

They start by cleaning the buildings of dust, dirt, mildew, and everything else that will keep the paint from bonding well. For the wood building they caulk (ie fill in) gaps and for the metal building they use a rust treatment. The final part of their process is to apply 2 coats of Sherwin Williams acrylic paint to both buildings.

The final result:

“It…looks AMAZING! Wow, this is…” Margo trails off as she stares at her “new” buildings. Now that she has had them painted they look just as good as when they were new, and the new color scheme is beautiful. The building colors actually match each other now so they don’t look like 2 separate businesses:

Margo and the project manager do a final walkthrough to make sure everything is up to her standards and that they didn’t miss anything. “Once again, you guys did a great job, thank you so much.” The Tribble Team cleans up, packs up, and heads out, leaving Margo and her husband with 2 beautiful buildings.

“Now that we’ve checked that off of our list,” Margo says, “we can get ready for our next project.”

What’s Your Commercial Painting Project?

When did you last check your commercial buildings to see if they need a new paint job? Whether it’s inside or out, the look of a building makes a first, and lasting, impression. Don’t you want yours to be amazing?

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All characters in this post are not accurate representations of our clients. The characters’ personalities and diction are fictional.