5 Clients Tell Us How They Feel After Using Our Services

These Are Some Testimonials From Clients Who Hired Us To Help Them Love The Look Of Their Home Again

There’s nothing like social proof to show how well or poorly a contractor does. This includes the actual work and the customer experience.

In this post, you can find 5 client testimonial videos (with descriptions) about how our clients feel about us after we painted their home interiors or exteriors. We want to take a second to show you the Tribble difference.

How Can We Know?

“How’re we supposed to know if they’re actually good or not?” asks Jason.

Sarah raises an eyebrow. “How do you normally know if something’s good or not?” Jason frowns in thought for a few seconds before chuckling. “Reviews, duh.”

Sarah nods. “Yep, or more broadly, social proof. I bet we can find something better than reviews, i.e. customer testimonial videos.” Jason smiles brightly. “That’d be awesome! Be even better if we found posts about past projects, like if they also did a brick painting project.”

“And I just found something!” says Sarah excitedly. She motions Jason to come and join her on the couch. “Let’s watch these together.” Jason settles in next to her to start watching.

Here’s what they see:

Jesse’s Wood Rot And Old Paint

Jesse thinks the job went extremely well and he’s very happy with it! Not only does he love the new look, he feels more secure in his own home. He also thinks Tribble’s painting team is extremely friendly and just some good guys.

Jesse called Tribble Painting after noticing his wood flashing was rotting and cracking! That can lead to all kinds of problems, like moisture damage and insects. It also didn’t look that good because it hadn’t been painted in years.

Kevin’s Time-Sensitive Exterior Painting Project

Kevin loves the look of his home! He thinks the painting job is immaculate. We had to do some fixing up along the way when we found some damage. He thinks we did great at that too. He also loves our team! Kevin thinks they’re professional, customer-oriented, polite, and on time.

Kevin is a repeat client of ours (which is practically family to us). Parts of his siding were recently replaced and unpainted. He was getting a deck installed and he’d find it hard to enjoy when part of his view reminded him that his house paint wasn’t uniform.

Arlene’s Entire Home Painting

Arlene’s testimonial is short and sweet (we love her!) She mostly talks about the experience she had working with our painting team. Hearing so many positive words from her makes us extremely happy we were able to give her such a good experience.

Interior Commercial Project For Tammi’s Chad Tough! Foundation

Tammi is very happy (and grateful) with the painting project she called us in for. It was a smaller commercial space she’s using as headquarters for her Chad Tough! Foundation. We did the work for free because we love giving back to our community. Her story is also quite moving and we wanted to help.

Tammi founded the Chad Tough! Foundation a while ago. With the momentum behind it, it quickly outgrew her kitchen table. After moving into a larger space, it needed some painting. She knew Todd Tribble through his sister-in-law. She called asking for help and he immediately said yes.

Phil Lotts Talks About His 30 Years Of Knowing Tribble Painting

Phil has been a manager at Anderson Painting Company for 20 years. He’s known Todd Tribble for 30 years. He’s been one of Todd’s go-to guys for most of that time. Phil gives his thoughts on his experience of working with Todd and seeing the team in action.

We’d love to discuss your project too! We guarantee you’ll be so happy with the results you’ll want to be in a client testimonial video too.

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“Now what?” asks Jason. Sarah thinks for a second. “How about you look on Google for more reviews and such while I look through this blog. We might find something we need to know or that can help us.” Jason nods and the couple gets to digging.

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