These Are The Stains We Recommend Using To Create An Amazing Look For Your Wood Sided Home In Ann Arbor

It’s great that you’re looking for the best stain for your home! We love homeowners that want the best for their home. In this post, you can find out which wood stains are available and what their differences are.

The Best Kind Of Stain

“It’s certainly better than the other kinds of stains we have in this house,” says Sarah dryly.

Jason laughs nervously. “Yeah, that’s definitely on me, sorry about all those.” Sarah laughs. “I’m only teasing, I’ve made my fair share, you just don’t know about them.”

Jason joins in the laughter. “Ok, you got me there. But, seriously, what are the best types of stain for wood-sided homes? We need to know if we’re going to stain our house.” Sarah nods as she pulls her phone out. “I’m not too sure, but I’ll bet there are painting contractors who know.”

Jason scoots closer on the couch as Sarah starts searching Google for answers. It worked when they were looking for the differences in staining vs painting homes. As she thought, she finds a blog post on a local painter’s website that has the answer.

Here’s what the couple discovers:

The Best Types Of Stains

Putting one of the best types of stains for wood sided homes onto a house

The best exterior stains for wood homes are semi-transparent, semi-solid, and solid. You can use them on siding and trim. Their main differences are how much of the natural wood and color you can see through the stain and how often they need restaining.

What it all comes down to is how the stain looks and how often you want to restain. Most of our clients go with the stain that’ll make them the happiest with the look of their home.

The Differences In These Wood Stains

Painting a wood sided home with a semi-transparent stain

Semi-transparent stains let a lot of the natural wood color come through. This gives you a combination of the color of the stain and the wood. You will need to reapply this stain more often, about every 3 years. This is especially true on the sunnier sides of your home. 

Semi-solid stain on home exterior

Semi-solid stains also give you a combination color of the stain and the wood. The difference is this type of stain has more tint to it. You’ll see less of the natural wood color. It’ll also last longer, somewhere in the 5-year range (except on those sunnier sides again).

House with a solid stain

Solid stains get rid of the natural wood color and look altogether. It honestly looks more like paint than a wood stain. It usually lasts about 5 to 7 years with the 5-year mark for the sunnier sides.

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“I like that the video shows us what the different stains look like, gives me a much better idea of what to expect,” says Sarah. Jason nods. “Let’s see what else they have on wood stains on this blog.”