Benjamin Moore Paints: Color Trends And Palette For Your Northville Home

A Fresh Palette for a New Year

Ever felt the urge to refresh your living space with a splash of color?

Are you wondering how a simple coat of paint can transform the ambiance of a room?

In this post, we’ll dive deep into the world of Benjamin Moore’s 2023 color trends and palettes, specifically curated for homes in Northville, Michigan.

By the end, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge to give your home a trendy interior painting makeover with a painter in Northville, ensuring it’s the talk of the town!

Benjamin Moore Paint Color of the Year 2023: Raspberry Blush

Description: Benjamin Moore’s Raspberry Blush is not just a color; it’s an emotion.

This vivacious shade of coral, tinged with a hint of pink, is designed to enliven your senses with an electric optimism.

It’s the epitome of charismatic color, both bold and vibrant, perfect for those looking to make a statement.


  • Imagine a deep red dining room adorned with Raspberry Blush walls, complemented by dark wood furnishings. A setting perfect for those intimate dinner parties.
  • Envision a lively living room where walls and wainscoting radiate the warmth of Raspberry Blush.
  • Or perhaps a powder room or en suite painted in this rich coral, offering a luxurious but stimulating, retreat.

Benjamin Moore Color Trends 2023 Palette

  • Raspberry Blush: More than just a color, it’s a charismatic shade of red-orange that defines vibrancy.
Benjamin Moore Raspberry Blush
  • Conch Shell: A gentle pink, reminiscent of a sepia tone, offering a touch of nostalgia.
Conch shell Benjamin Moore paint color
  • Cinnamon: Dive into the richness of this brown, accentuated with orange undertones.
Cinnamon Benjamin Moore color
  • Wenge: A deep chocolate hue, sprinkled with hints of brown, black, and violet.
Wenge Benjamin Moore
  • Savannah Green: A playful blend of yellow and green undertones, this rich ochre is both whimsical and dramatic.
Savannah green Benjamin Moore
  • New Age: A serene light purple, grounded by gray, perfect for those contemplative moments.
New Age Benjamin Moore
  • Starry Night Blue: A radiant navy, akin to the dark indigo of dusk, with a touch of violet undertone.
Starry Night blue Benjamin Moore color
  • North Sea Green: Dive deep into this saturated shade, a blend of gray-blue hues with blue-green, both soothing and profound.
North Sea Green

Neutral Pairings for Benjamin Moore’s 2023 Color Trends Palette

  • Etiquette: A versatile neutral hue, suitable for every nook and corner.
  • White Heron: Another neutral that can seamlessly blend with any decor.
  • Gray Owl: A neutral with a hint of grayish tint for those who like a touch of mystery.
  • Onyx: Dive deep into this neutral, perfect for furnishings that need to stand out.

Homeowner Favorites: The Most Popular Benjamin Moore Colors

If the 2023 Benjamin Moore color trends palette didn’t quite capture your heart, fear not!

Sometimes, the tried-and-true color collection classics are where you’ll find your perfect color match.

Many homeowners have their personal Benjamin Moore paint favorites that have stood the test of time, becoming iconic in their own right.

So, if you’re curious about which Benjamin Moore colors have been a hit among homeowners, you’re in for a treat.

And if you are firmly on the other side of the Benjamin Moore vs. Sherwin-Williams debate, you can check out our tips on how to create an accent wall with Sherwin-Williams paint or discover Sherwin-Williams’ top paint finishes for high-traffic areas.

Keep reading to discover the best-selling Benjamin Moore colors in every hue!

Best-Selling Benjamin Moore White Paint Colors

A basement with white walls and a black ceiling
  • Chantilly Lace: A pristine white that brings clarity and brightness. Perfect for living rooms to create an open, airy feel.
  • White Heron: A soft, elegant white. Ideal for bedrooms to evoke a sense of calm and serenity.
  • White Dove: A gentle off-white that exudes warmth. Great for kitchens, making them feel welcoming.
  • Simply White: A versatile, clean white. Suitable for bathrooms, giving a spa-like ambiance.
  • Cloud White: A muted, dreamy white. Ideal for hallways, creating a seamless transition between rooms.
  • Paper White: A subtle, gray-toned white. Perfect for home offices, promoting focus and clarity.

Best-Selling Benjamin Moore Neutral Paint Colors

A Tribble painter applying a neutral color to a hallway
  • Manchester Tan: A warm beige that brings coziness. Ideal for family rooms where relaxation is key.
  • Muslin: A soft, muted neutral. Perfect for nurseries, providing a gentle backdrop.
  • Classic Gray: A timeless gray that offers sophistication. Suitable for dining rooms, setting a refined tone.
  • Balboa Mist: A light, airy neutral. Great for sunrooms, enhancing natural light.
  • Pale Oak: A versatile taupe. Ideal for guest rooms, creating a welcoming ambiance.
  • Collingwood: A rich, deep neutral. Perfect for libraries or dens, promoting concentration.

Best-Selling Benjamin Moore Gray Paint Colors

A Tribble painter applies gray paint to a wall.
  • Revere Pewter: A balanced gray that’s neither too warm nor too cool. Suitable for open-concept spaces, unifying different areas.
  • Edgecomb Gray: A soft, understated gray. Ideal for meditation or yoga rooms, promoting tranquility.
  • Silver Satin: A shimmering, light gray. Perfect for bedrooms, reflecting morning light beautifully.
  • Gray Owl: A neutral gray with a hint of green undertone. Great for bathrooms, complementing natural elements like plants.
  • Stonington Gray: A bold, statement gray. Suitable for accent walls in living rooms or bedrooms.
  • Coventry Gray: A deep, moody gray. Ideal for home theaters or basements, enhancing the cinematic experience.

Best-Selling Benjamin Moore Black Paint Colors

A black room
  • Gray: A deep, charcoal hue that adds drama. Ideal for accent walls in a modern living room, creating a focal point.
  • Iron Mountain: A rich, iron-toned black. Perfect for doors and trims, adding a touch of sophistication.
  • Wrought Iron: A pure, strong black. Suitable for cabinets in kitchens or bathrooms, offering a sleek finish.
  • Onyx: A black with depth and warmth. Great for bedrooms, providing a cozy, enveloping feel.
  • Soot: A smoky, atmospheric black. Ideal for creating a moody ambiance in reading nooks or studies.
  • Black: The classic, definitive black. Perfect for exteriors, giving a modern, standout look.

Best-Selling Benjamin Moore Red Paint Colors

A Tribble painter stands in front of a red wall
  • Boston Brick: A deep, earthy red reminiscent of historic brick buildings. Suitable for entryways, offering a warm welcome.
  • Dinner Party: A rich, celebratory red. Ideal for dining rooms, setting the stage for memorable meals.
  • Rosy Peach: A soft, blush-toned red. Perfect for bedrooms, creating a romantic ambiance.
  • Red: A bold, primary red. Great for kids’ rooms, stimulating creativity and energy.
  • Exotic Red: A vibrant, passionate red. Suitable for accent walls, adding a touch of drama.
  • Caliente: A fiery, intense red. Ideal for kitchens, sparking appetite and conversation.

Best-Selling Benjamin Moore Pink Paint Colors

Pink room painted by Tribble Painting Company.
  • Pink Damask: A delicate, vintage pink. Perfect for powder rooms, offering a touch of femininity.
  • Head Over Heels: A playful, bubbly pink. Suitable for teenage bedrooms, reflecting youthful energy.
  • Pink Bliss: A serene, pastel pink. Great for meditation spaces, promoting calm and tranquility.
  • First Light: A fresh, dawn-inspired pink. Ideal for breakfast nooks, starting the day on a positive note.
  • Touch of Pink: A subtle, blush pink. Perfect for nurseries, creating a gentle, nurturing environment.
  • Coral Dust: A vibrant, coral-toned pink. Suitable for sunrooms, enhancing the feeling of warmth and joy.

Best-Selling Benjamin Moore Orange Paint Colors

A living room painted orange
  • Peach Parfait: A soft, creamy orange. Ideal for kitchens, evoking memories of summer desserts.
  • Parchment: A muted, earthy orange. Perfect for studies, promoting focus and warmth.
  • Pale Oats: A gentle, harvest-toned orange. Suitable for living rooms, adding a touch of autumnal coziness.
  • Italianate: A rich, Mediterranean orange. Great for patios or outdoor spaces, bringing in a touch of the Italian coast.
  • Firenze: A fiery, passionate orange. It is ideal for accent walls, adding vibrancy and energy.
  • Electric Orange: A bright, neon orange. Perfect for game rooms or play areas, stimulating fun and activity.

Best-Selling Benjamin Moore Yellow Paint Colors

yellow room interior
  • Beacon Hill Damask: A sunlit, golden yellow. Perfect for hallways, casting a warm, welcoming glow.
  • Windham Cream: A buttery, soft yellow. Ideal for kitchens, evoking a sense of comfort and homeliness.
  • Rich Cream: A deep, luxurious yellow. Suitable for master bedrooms, adding a touch of elegance.
  • Hawthorne Yellow: A vibrant, daffodil yellow. Great for sunrooms, capturing the essence of spring.
  • Concord Ivory: A muted, antique yellow. Perfect for living rooms, offering a vintage charm.
  • Bryant Gold: A bold, metallic yellow. Suitable for accent walls, creating a statement piece.

Best-Selling Benjamin Moore Green Paint Colors

A fireplace painted with a light-green paint in a living room painted by Tribble painters
  • Gloucester Sage: A calming, herbal green. Ideal for home offices, promoting concentration and calmness.
  • Nantucket Gray: A green with gray undertones. Perfect for exteriors, blending seamlessly with nature.
  • Saybrook Sage: A fresh, minty green. Suitable for bathrooms, offering a spa-like ambiance.
  • November Rain: A muted, rainy green. Great for bedrooms, evoking a sense of tranquility.
  • Hunter Green: A deep, forest green. Ideal for libraries or dens, creating a cozy, enveloped feel.
  • Salamander: A vibrant, jewel-toned green. Perfect for accent pieces, adding a touch of luxury.

Best-Selling Benjamin Moore Blue Paint Colors

  • Quiet Moments: A serene sky blue. Suitable for meditation rooms, promoting peace and reflection.
  • Smoke: A muted, smoky blue. Great for living rooms, adding depth and sophistication.
  • Aegean Teal: A rich, oceanic blue. Ideal for bathrooms, evoking the tranquility of the sea.
  • Newburyport Blue: A classic navy blue. Perfect for dining rooms, setting a refined tone.
  • Gentleman’s Gray: A deep, midnight blue. Suitable for bedrooms, offering a sense of mystery.
  • Hale Navy: A bold, statement blue. Great for accent walls, creating a focal point.

Best-Selling Benjamin Moore Purple Paint Colors

A purple room
  • Misty Lilac: A soft, pastel purple. Ideal for nurseries, creating a dreamy atmosphere.
  • Lily Lavender: A vibrant, floral purple. Perfect for sunrooms, capturing the essence of spring blooms.
  • Lavender Mist: A muted, foggy purple. Suitable for bathrooms, offering a touch of luxury.
  • Winter Gray: A purple with deep gray undertones. Great for living rooms, adding a touch of modern elegance.
  • French Lilac: A classic, romantic purple. Ideal for bedrooms, evoking feelings of love and passion.
  • Shadow: A deep, mysterious purple. Perfect for home theaters, enhancing the cinematic experience.

Tribble Painting Company: Your Interior Painting Design Partner In Northville

A Tribble painter applies black paint to a ceiling

Colors have the power to transform our perceptions and breathe new life into our living spaces.

And with Benjamin Moore’s 2023 color trends and palettes, you’re equipped to make that transformation.

But remember, while choosing the right color is essential, having the right partner to bring that color to life on your walls is equally crucial.

That’s where Tribble Painting Company steps in.

With years of experience in interior painting in the Northville area, we ensure your vision comes to life just as you imagined it–whether it’s with Benjamin Moore paint, Sherwin-Williams, or any other premium paint brand.

Ready to give your home the perfect color makeover it deserves?

Fill out our contact form today, or give us a call. We’re here to paint your dream!

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