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White Kitchen Cabinets: What’s the Right Choice for Your Home?

2022-07-28T17:46:02+00:00June 16th, 2022|

If you’re considering inventing or recreating your dream kitchen, you may think you need to go above and beyond with precious stone countertops, elegant backsplashes, and unique color schemes sure to wow your guests. However, the sleek look of white kitchen cabinets has ever been for contemporary-style minimalists alone. Whether you’re leaning more toward

The Difference Between Quarter-Round Molding and Shoe Molding – And How to Put Each in Your Home

2022-07-28T17:54:12+00:00June 1st, 2022|

Shoe molding and quarter-round molding are the two most common molding types you’ll find in homes. And at first glance, to an untrained eye, it’s nearly impossible to tell the differences between these two molding styles. But despite the similarities between quarter-round and shoe moldings, each presents a stark difference in how it impacts

Exterior Makeover: The Best Paint Colors For Selling A House

2022-07-28T17:55:09+00:00April 29th, 2022|

Choosing the best paint colors for selling a house might feel overwhelming. Understandably, your exterior paint color is not one you will need or want to change frequently. However, once you decide on the color, your home will likely sport the hue for quite some time. Plus, with the added intention of selling your

Shoe Molding: What It Is And How To Install It

2022-07-28T17:56:31+00:00March 31st, 2022|

Houses In Ann Arbor, Michigan, And The Surrounding Areas, Are Installing Shoe Molding To Give Their Homes A More Finished Look Photo from: https://www.thespruce.com/how-to-install-shoe-molding-1822791 In this post, you can find out what this kind of molding is, its pros and cons, the other type of baseboard molding, how to install it, and

How To Paint Chalkboard Paint And What To Consider First

2022-07-31T16:59:15+00:00February 28th, 2022|

Here’s What People In Washtenaw County And Wayne County, Michigan Want To Know About Chalkboard Paint For Their Home Interior You can use this type of paint to create a fun little nook for your creative kids. It’s also a fun way to leave messages, write reminders, and more. In this post, you can find

How To Fix Nail Pops In Drywall In 7 Steps Like A Pro

2022-07-31T17:00:03+00:00January 31st, 2022|

Professional Painters Follow These Steps For How To Fix Nail Pops In Drywall Before Starting The Painting Process Nail pops are unsightly and become even worse if you paint over them. Thankfully, we know how to fix nail pops in drywall quickly and easily. In this post, you can find out what nail pops are,

What 7 Real Exterior Painting Benefits Make It Worth The Cost?

2022-07-28T18:18:24+00:00December 31st, 2021|

These Are The Benefits People Get When They Freshen Up The Paint On Their Home Exterior Painting a home exterior does more than make the outside of a house look different. It has several benefits you’ll want for yourself. In this post, you can discover the exterior painting benefits that make the project worth

When Hiring A Painting Contractor What Are 10 Questions I Should Ask?

2022-07-31T17:02:59+00:00November 1st, 2021|

Here Are 10 Of The Most Frequently Asked Questions We Get When People In And Around Ann Arbor Talk To Us Knowing the right questions to ask is key! It can help you get a fantastic customer experience and product or service from an amazing company. In this post, we go over questions

5 Clients Tell Us How They Feel After Using Our Services

2022-07-31T16:57:36+00:00October 18th, 2021|

These Are Some Testimonials From Clients Who Hired Us To Help Them Love The Look Of Their Home Again There’s nothing like social proof to show how well or poorly a contractor does. This includes the actual work and the customer experience. In this post, you can find 5 client testimonial videos

How To Choose The Best Paint Roller For Your Home Project

2022-07-31T16:56:19+00:00October 4th, 2021|

Here’s The Advice We Give When People Around Ann Arbor, Michigan Ask About Paint Rollers Not every roller cover is ideal for your painting project. Finding out the differences is smart because you’ll be able to paint better! In this post, you can figure out how to choose

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