5 Steps To Painting Kitchen Cabinets Like A Professional

Painting kitchen cabinets like a professional can be done in 5 steps. All you need to do is remove the doors, clean and sand them, prime them, and then put on 2 coats of paint. You can follow Sarah as she attempts to update the look of her kitchen by painting her kitchen cabinets a new color.

Sarah used to loved her kitchen.

In fact, she started learning how to cook more so she could spend more time in it. It just looked so amazing, especially the cabinets. The beautiful wood look was the fashion at the time:

Before painting kitchen cabinets

But now Sarah wants a newer look. The wood stain look just doesn’t fit with her style anymore, but she doesn’t want to spend a ton of money installing new cabinets.

Instead, she’s going to paint them so they look just like new. Sarah can transform her kitchen, creating an entirely new look, just by giving them a new color coat. The best part is, she’s going to paint them like a professional painter.

Let’s follow Sarah as she goes through the 5 step process in this video and the post below:

The Kitchen Cabinet Painting Process

  1. Remove kitchen cabinet doors
    • any damages will need repair*
    • keep smaller parts like screws in labeled plastic bags to make reassembly easier
  2. Clean cabinets and doors with TSP (trisodium phosphate)
  3. Lightly sand cabinets and doors with 120-140 grit sandpaper
    • remove any leftover dust or risk a weird look and texture
  4. Prime cabinets and doors
    • start with detail areas
    • move to the back
    • prime sides
    • prime front
  5. Apply 2 coats of paint
    • when using a sprayer, start with the edges and then work your way from one side to the other
    • follow the same process as with priming

*Which is why we also offer carpentry services

You can see the proper sprayer technique in the video above. You may want to practice on some cardboard first.

Once you get down the technique, you can make your kitchen look like a professional did it (like Aaron, one of our professional painters, did to the one above). Sarah’s kitchen is now more modern looking in style. She loves the fresh look and feel.

You Can Do It Too

Just like Sarah, you too can transform your kitchen and kitchen cabinets from

Before painting kitchen cabinets


After painting kitchen cabinets white


All you need to do is follow the 5 steps to painting your kitchen cabinets like a professional. Of course, not everybody has the time or energy to do this.

You can have us do the kitchen cabinet painting work for you >>