3 Best Painting Companies In The Canton/Plymouth Area

Who would you be willing to trust to come into your home and paint it?

Seeing as how used car salesmen and contractors seem to have the same bad reputation, you may want to choose a painting contractor with a good reputation. Like with many organizations and industries, it’s always one or two bad apples that try to ruin the bunch.

That’s why now we have customer reviews, videos, and Facebook Live to show you the difference between shady companies and trustworthy ones.

Speaking of those trustworthy ones, here are 3 (with a bonus 4th) that we would trust with our homes, well, if we couldn’t paint them ourselves.

Award for best painting companies in the Ann Arbor area

Fastrac Painting

30 years can say a lot about many things, but when it comes to a company it says quality. Fastrac Painting has been around for 30 years and it seems as though they have aged like fine wine – well.

While their “About Us” page doesn’t have any information on who runs the company, their reviews say it all. Mike is the hero of this company as he is apparently as good at engaging people as he is at painting their homes:

Google Review
5 Stars

“Mike is very enthusiastic about painting. He also works very responsibly and promptly…I am very happy with his job, working attitude, and my decision of working with him…”

  • mayshen0521

Five Star Painting

Two friends started this business in 2004 and it has quickly become a franchise since then.

Their tagline is “Five Star Quality. Without The Five Star Price.” Not sure how that can be done but they seem like they can give a quality experience with a great finished product!

While we are not sure what their pricing is like, their reviews seem to say they are worth it:

Google Review
5 Stars

“I could not be happier with the results or the crew who were, quick, professional, and polite. The job was finished even quicker than I expected and I love my new walls!”

  • Marcella Omo

Mussio Painting

This particular franchise is headed up by someone with 34 years of painting experience in Ann Arbor. Their “Mussio Painting Advantage” does come with many pluses painting companies should have, such as using high-quality products and daily clean up of the job site.

From their reviews it seems as though there may be something to this advantage:

Google Review
5 Stars

“My house looks beautiful thanks to Steve and his amazing team!  Extremely thorough and so hard working…I really appreciate your hard work.”

  • Christine Euritt

Bonus: Tribble Painting

Before you scroll up and away thinking “of course they put themselves on here” at least let us show you why we’re on here with these other painting companies in the Canton/Plymouth area:

Google Review
5 Stars

“We cannot recommend Tribble enough!  Our estimator Nick and the scheduler Jeanette were very easy to work with.  Aaron, Scott and their team were incredibly kind, professional, and talented…We are so thankful for all the extra work they put into the job. Wonderful company, 5 stars all the way!”

  • Kelly Zechmeister

Did you notice all the names in this review? It’s because we truly commit ourselves to providing an amazing customer experience along with a fantastic final product.

We put ourselves on here because we believe in our ability to give you the best possible painting experience in the Ann Arbor area. At the end of the day, all we want is for you to fully enjoy the house you come home to.

What Are Your Trust Factors?

What is it that separates a painting company you would allow into your home from one that wouldn’t be? Is it reviews, the look of the website, or is it not until the phone call or consultation that you can really tell?

We would love it if you would type your answer in the comments below.

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